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Laptops for Documents and Gaming Under C$1,000

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  • Serious Multitasking
  • Windows
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Why these laptops are great for your needs


Modern productivity apps like Office 365 and Google G Suite are relatively lightweight – but it never hurts to have some power under the hood. The {*13*} packs a decent {*72*} processor and {*3*} RAM so this is machine that will last.

Hardcore Gaming

Storm the barricades with ease as all these gaming machines are powered up with graphics cards, processors and storage up for whatever challenge you throw at it.

If you want to immerse yourself in realistically rendered universes, you'll have the choice of FullHD or higher screens and the capacity to connect with more powerful external monitors.

If you compete online then a standard of ac wireless or greater will ensure you're never pipped to the post, whilst a backlit keyboard will mean you'll never hit the wrong key.