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Microsoft Laptops for Social Media Under £2,000

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as at 24 Jun 19 | 1:15 AM CET

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We're heading to the future with this Microsoft Surface laptop. Not only is it good looking and an absolute joy to use, but it's fantastic for creatives such as designers and artists alike. The Surface Pen and highly responsive touchscreen allows for beautiful brushstrokes and the chance to unleash your creative streak, as you design anything from a tattoo to a self-portrait or blueprint. The 13.5-inch screen is dynamic and multi-touch, and the fulcrum hinge makes swapping between modes easy and safe to do so - there is no need to worry about breaking a hinge. With the inclusion of an SSD, you can run this powerful device with little to no sound while not having to worry about storage, too. The IntelĀ® HD Graphics comes loaded, so you'll rarely have to worry about lag, and over 10- hours of battery life means that you'll get some serious use even without being plugged in for the day.

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Social Media

As social media demands little processing power these devices will do the job just fine.