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Laptops for Documents and Music Production Under £500

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  • Amateur Photo Editing
  • Casual Gaming
  • College (Students)
  • Watching Movies
  • Simple Music Editing
  • Pro Music Production
  • Bookkeeping
  • Front-end Development
  • ... and more
  • Social Media
  • Browsing
  • Documents
  • Email
  • Use in Public Places
  • Short Journeys
  • Use Around the Office
  • Carrying All the Time
  • Carrying Occasionally
  • Presentations
  • Working with Numbers
  • Cool Look
  • Regular Look
  • Serious Multitasking
  • Windows

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Why these laptops are great for your needs


Spreadsheets, presentations and documents, are relatively undemanding, but the {*72*} processor and {*3*} RAM ensures even image laden files won't leave you watching the 'spinning wheel' on the {*13*}

Pro Music Production

These laptops will make a great side-kick to you music production gear. Their multi-core processors give you the necessary muscle to rip, encode or convert your audio craft without having to wait forever. Also, their on-board audio chips and high resolution screens offer a competent and mobile deputy to your existing tools and setup.