Dell XPS 13

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Dell XPS 13 - NY8Y6 Performance, Usage and Feature Ratings
Use Rating
College (Students)
Just Right
Watching Movies
Just Right
Just Right
Just Right
Social Media
Short Journeys
Long Journeys
Use in Public Places
Use Around the Office
Use At the Client's
Carrying All the Time
Carrying Occasionally
Working in Low Light
Cool Look
13 to 14 Inches
Serious Multitasking
Just Right

It's good for academic research

As a student or researcher in the social or physical sciences, this device provides a good balance of portability (with it's 13.3 inches screen size) and performance so that you're free to roam the labs or libraries with a machine that can competently multi-task your data crunching, "multi-tabbed browsing" and the production of academic content.

All about the Films!

With a high resolution Advanced screen the excellent XPS 13 9350 was built to allow you enjoy movies, serials and animation.

Book keeping

Capable of running spreadsheets or dedicated accounts software, the XPS 13 9350 is perfect for keeping finances in check. And with a you’ll find it even easier to enter and update figures.

Regular Stuff / Everyday Tasks

Spreadsheets, presentations and documents, don't need much, but your Intel Core i5 6200U processor and 8 GB RAM ensures even image laden files won't leave you watching the 'spinning wheel'!

The XPS 13 9350 makes surfing the web easy thanks to a reasonable hardware specification and fast, reliable b/g/n/ac WiFi connectivity.

Email demands very little from a laptop. We've taken this into account.

Social networking is relatively lightweight, so the low power 2.3 GHz processor is ideal. With 15 hours battery life, you can stay connected between charges.

Battery life is fairly decent

Light and powerful, the 15 hours battery life of the XPS 13 9350 allows it to be easily used all around the home for long periods without charging.

The 15 hours battery life in the XPS 13 9350 is sufficient for short sessions of use in coffee shops, parks etc.

The XPS 13 9350 allows you to stay productive even when you need to pop out for a few hours thanks to its portability and 15 hours battery life.

With an impressive run time of approximately 15 hours, the XPS 13 9350 will keep you entertained, or working, throughout the duration of your trip.

If you’re always on the move around your office, you need a laptop that moves with you. The XPS 13 9350 offers 15 hours of battery life so you can swap desks as much as you like between charges.

Get straight to work on site with the XPS 13 9350. A 15 hours battery life means you don’t have to start the day hunting for a free power socket.

Suits your occasional mobility

As you'll be needing to move about now and then, it's 1.29 kg weight should suit your needs just fine.

Great to use on the go!

Not the smallest laptop, but this is a good choice for when you don't want a full-size PC. The XPS 13 9350 works just as well on your lap or a desk.

Working in the dark

The light may be low, but the XPS 13 9350 allows you to work or play around the clock. Make every keystroke count thanks to the 1.

Slick package

It's got clean lines and a premium look, which showcases a refined taste in mobile devices.

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Product Description

For designers, computer storage can become full extremely quickly, but the DELL XPS has the facilities to take you into the modern age, with a seemingly unlimited 2 TB of storage. This will allow you to connect your laptop with the greatest technological advances such as 3D and large video files, enabling you to bring your life and workspace up to date. It is impossible for businesspeople and designers to disconnect from the outside world, and the DELL XPS helps you to do so with Thunderbolt 3, allowing you to transfer files and data at lightning speed between devices and single cable docking. We know how large some design software can be and that is why we recommend DELL XPS to those who work in large business and design environments. DELL's i5 and i7 processors have the strength to withstand the rigors of the latest software, supporting you in all your business ventures and successes.

Technical Specifications

Dell XPS 13 - NY8Y6 Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Colour Silver
Display HD Type ~WQSXGA
Display Resolution 3200 x 1800 pixels
Display Size 13.3 inches
Display Touchscreen Yes
Processor Architecture 64 Bit
Processor Cores 4 cores
Processor Model Intel Core i5 6200U
Processor Speed 2.3 GHz
RAM Size 8 GB
SSD Capacity 256 GB
Storage Total Capacity 256 GB
Storage Type SSD
Graphics Card Model - Integrated Intel HD Graphics 520
Graphics Card Type Integrated
Network Bluetooth Type 4.1
Network Wireless Type b/g/n/ac
Ports & Interfaces
Memory Card Reader 1
Microphone 1
Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C Port Ports 1
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-C Ports 1
USB 3.0/3.1 (Gen 1) Type-A Ports 2
Camera 1
Keyboard Back-lit Yes
Operating System Architecture 64 Bit
Operating System Name Microsoft Windows
Operating System Version Windows 10
Battery Life 15 hours
Weight & Dimensions
Weight 1.29 kg