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Polaroid Cameras for Live Streaming Under $300

Here's a great selection of polaroid cameras for live streaming under $300.

Live streams have become a massively popular activity for media journalists or even hobbyists for a specific subject matter. Investing in a good camera for this is crucial in order to ensure your stream gets picked amongst an array of options on the popular platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

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Whether it's surfing at the beach, cliff jumping or mountain biking, the Polaroid XS100i is the perfect Pro Action Cam to document all your extreme adventures. When it comes to outdoor activities, enjoy Full HD 1080p video recording that will allow you to remember all your adrenaline-pumping moments for many generations to come. Want to take your footage to the next level? The adjustable frame rates in HD 720p allow for breathtaking fast and slow-motion effects. Not only does the built-in microphone provide a convenient source of high-quality audio for your movies, but the aerodynamic design minimizes wind and background noise. The single-button record function lets you start and stop filming with ease. Elsewhere, the XS100i opens up a new world of underwater possibilities thanks to its waterproof properties up to 30m. At just 136g in weight, portability is never as issue with this action camera, allowing you to effortlessly keep it by your side.