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Samsung Cameras for Wildlife Photography Under $300

Here's a great selection of samsung cameras for wildlife photography under $300.

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Designed to be both proficient and travel-friendly, the Samsung WB50F is the compact point-and-shoot that's always ready at a moment's notice. Weighing a mere 157g, this handheld camera boasts a lightweight design that you'll appreciate when you're on the move. Not only is the WB50F easy to keep by your side through all your journeys and memories, but it's also compact enough that it takes up next to no space in your baggage. When it comes to image quality, the 1/2.3"" 16.2MP CCD sensor delivers noise-free photographs that reach up to 4608 x 3456 pixels. Think the moment is best-suited for video? The WB50F is capable of recording clips in HD 720p at 30 frames per second. When you want to frame your shot or review playback, the 3-inch LCD display provides excellent contrast and colour reproduction for crystal-clear viewing and brightness in all environments. Elsewhere, the 12x Optical Zoom, image stabilization system and 24mm wide-angle lens means that you're equipped with an impressive array of tools that allow you to always get the shot you want in full detail.