Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Windows Laptop

Windows is an operating system that needs no introduction. The world’s most popular computer platform runs everything from huge multinational corporations to a child’s school powerpoint presentation. But with Apple’s macOS and Google’s ChromeOS hot on Windows’ heels, the choice is not so straightforward. So if you’re curious as to whether Windows is the one for you, check out these ten key considerations below.

1. Greatest range of software available

Of course, there is. Anyone who wants the highest number of buyers/subscribers or downloaders are going to choose the most popular and most open operating system possible. This means windows laptops

  1. are compatible with the widest range of software
  2. have more free software options available
  3. have more games available


2. Widest range of laptops 

With an infinite number of manufacturers, from the general to the niche, you are more likely to find a Windows machine that suits your needs perfectly than either Mac or Chromebook which have narrower identities and capabilities. Alongside Chromebooks, Windows also come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, fashions and colours. It’s the most diverse galaxy in the laptop universe.

3. Most familiar

Although not the very easiest to use (both Mac and Chromebook would be easier to pick up from zero computer exposure) most people have at least some experience of it, so the learning curve for a Windows machine will be the least (even if you’re jumping versions of the operating system).

4. Value for money

Compared to Chromebooks, which aren’t that much cheaper, you get a lot more capability. You can often pick up a great windows machine for less than half price when comparing like for like specifications with Macs. Also, Macs start from around £/$1000 upwards, whilst there are thousands, yes thousands, of sub £/$1k Windows options out there as well as outstanding machines over £/$3k.

5. Most configurable OS

Windows has been trying to make its system easier for consumer users since the 90’s trying to balance its corporate and consumer markets. Covering the endless settings, with simpler high-level menus, has been a part of that. This means running a windows machine requires less fiddling with. However, the endless settings are there, if you want it. This allows for a very high degree of configurability right down to the functioning of individual components. If you like getting under the hood, then your Nirvana awaits!

6. Most configurable hardware

With the OS built to handle almost limitless combinations of hardware, you’re more likely to find a laptop that you can configure its specification to your needs, before and indeed after purchase. Macs, in particular, are locking down more and more components which limits hardware configuration. Which leads on to...

7. Upgradeable

When your machine ages, as all do, you may want to beef-up components rather than buying a new machine. Also, your needs may change - you may take up photo editing. Therefore you may wish to switch from a traditional hard drive to an SSD which is much faster at processing your portrait touch-ups. Indeed, you may want to a bolster the RAM to manage a larger image library or to deal with heftier RAW image files. Conversely, many Macs have locked down even RAM from manual DIY upgradability. Most Windows machines are still easily upgradable from home with a little bit of YouTube assistance.

8. Work and study

If you’re going to need to use the machine in non-personal settings such as connecting to a business or college network, then chances are that Windows will be your best bet. Whilst networks are becoming more and more OS agnostic, if you want to reduce your risks of complication, Windows is the way to go

9. Gaming

Not only are there more games available for Windows laptops, but they are better for gaming. Here’s why:

  • Chromebooks are generally speaking very lightweight machines. This has just started to change (see the launch of the Pixelbook) but generally, they simply aren’t designed for the demands that games put on hardware.
  • Macs, also, are simply not designed for gaming. Moreover, you can spend up to double the amount of money to get the same specification of machine.

… boom!

10. Support and maintenance

From software packages to online/telephone assistance to hands-on tech repair, there’s more providers available and consequently more competition. This results in lower costs to Windows support than the competition.


So if you’re convinced that Microsoft’s ubiquitous operating system is for you don’t worry about trying to scour the world wide web for the best value Windows laptops and then combing the net for the best prices. We’ve done all that work for you. Just check these out...

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