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Ricoh CX1


Equal parts versatile and mobile, the Ricoh CX1 is the flexible point-and-shoot camera that's always ready to capture life's unforgettable moments. The first thing you'll notice about the CX1 is the ultraslim body frame that's able to fit comfortably in your pocket. With a weight of just 180g, you'll appreciate the featherweight form whether you find yourself capturing heart-stopping landscapes or precious family moments. Elsewhere, a continuous shooting rate of 4 frames per second ensures that you're equipped to capture any fast-moving subjects. Not only do the 7x Optical Zoom and sophisticated Image Stabilization system work in tandem to ensure that you're able to capture everything from near and far, but that your footage is steady and free from any blurriness. Multi-target Auto Focus takes seven consecutive images with different focal distances, allowing you to choose the image that you prefer. When you want to frame your shots, view playback or navigate settings, the intuitive 3-inch LCD display is simple and easy-to-use, so you always end up with the results you're looking for.

Ricoh THETA SC Beige

Ricoh THETA SC Blue

Ricoh THETA SC White

Ricoh Theta M15 Blue

Ricoh WG-60 Red

Ricoh Theta V


The Ricoh Theta V was designed to provide you with a seamless 360º video and audio experience with the convenience of a tiny form factor. This unique camcorder can record immersive 360º video in full 4K resolution thanks to a 1/2.3" 14MP CMOS sensor. Building on this, the 4-channel microphone allows for unrivalled spatial audio that captures high-quality audio from four directions. With the Theta V, you're also equipped to take superb still images that boast a maximum resolution of 5376 x 2688. Elsewhere, the THETA app enables you to preview your footage before shooting, live stream to platforms such as YouTube Live and perform a variety of other functions, and with the swipe of your finger rotate the 360° image in any direction to see it from different angles. At just 121g, this handheld camcorder makes for an effortless carry for both short and long shooting days, whereas the compact body frame can easily fit in your pocket.