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HP Laptops for Music Production Under $2,000

Here's a great selection of hp laptops for music production under $2,000.

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If you want to game without limits, you should consider the HP Omen. The mechanical keyboard allows you an accurate and precise gaming experience. Not only this, but the HP Omen has a Full HD display that can give you intense and vibrant visuals, along with a backlight and IPS tech, that can ensure you can play consistently at any time of day. The 7th gen Intel® Core adds to this powerful effect by allowing you to play any of the most demanding games on the market. Add to this 16GB of RAM and an onboard Intel® HD Graphics 630 for a smooth and consistent high performance that will heighten you gaming experience. If sound is important to you, the Bang & Olufsen speakers ensure quality audio, and there are plenty of ports and connection options to enable you to share files and add applications easily. With the addition of Windows 10, you have the familiarity necessary t jump straight into your games.

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Are you looking for a laptop which is perfect for video and photo editing by day, but has the energy to sustain long gaming sessions into the evening? The HP Omen 12-dc0045nr's 8th generation Intel i7 processor is a strong companion to video editing software, ensuring that your software can run smoothly and quickly between all of your deadlines. This is paired with 16 GB of memory to ensure that all of your large video documents can be filed in the same place, meaning that you will never struggle to find documents again. Alongside this, its 1 TB of HDD storage and 512 Gb of SSD storage also gives you a fast and reliable service which can expand your storage options. However, crystal clear visuals are vital when it comes to editing, and the dazzling bezel micro-edge 4K 15-inch display ensures that your graphics are intricate and beautiful, as well as being strong enough to support your applications and allow you to edit to the best of your ability.

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Looking for a laptop with exceptional portability without having to compromise on performance? You'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than the HP Envy 13. At just 2.6 lbs, this liberating laptop was specifically engineering to maximize mobility and handling on-the-go. The ultrathin design is built to withstand everyday bumps and bruises, while the remarkable 14-hour battery life will allow you to remain productive and entertained at all hours of the day. The laptop comes polished with a clean all-metal finish. Don't let this lean look fool you, however, as the HP Envy 13 packs a serious punch that's capable of handling its share of demanding tasks and applications. The 13.3-inch laptop comes equipped with a 1.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor that will allow you to easily handle whatever the day throws at you. Both the ultra-bright display and quad HP speakers with boosted bass and professional-grade audio tuning by Bang & Olufsen push the sensory experience to the next level.

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If you want a laptop as quiet as a ghost, the HP Spectre is for you. Utilizing an SSD rather than a hard drive, the Spectre is completely soundless, leaving you able to enjoy the digital world in peace and harmony. Its 2-in-1 nature also makes the Spectre a great companion for all uses, from designing to reading that long awaited e-book, as this gives you the option to watch and read content from any angle, whether you are in bed or in the office. Its tablet and tent design allow you to dispose of the keyboards which may get in the way, and focus fully on your content up close. What's more, its convertible nature allows you to flip between designing and writing in the flick of a wrist. Its exciting touchscreen is also excellent in laptop mode, especially for those with decreased mobility, as you can scroll the web and browse social media with complete ease.

Why these laptops are great for your needs

Pro Music Production

These laptops will make a great side-kick to you music production gear. Their multi-core processors give you the necessary muscle to rip, encode or convert your audio craft without having to wait forever. Also, their on-board audio chips and high resolution screens offer a competent and mobile deputy to your existing tools and setup.


Budget all-rounder HP Laptops

The HP Stream series is the latest, ultra-cheap laptops from its popular budget range. Coming in a variety of bright colours including blue and purple, these laptops are certainly eye-catching and it is the cheapest 14-inch screen laptop on the market. The dual-core Celeron processor together with 4GB of Ram is fine for surfing and document work. For the money, it's a snip!

If you're looking for a bigger screen and enough power for work and play, the HP Pavilion range is a good place to start. The range of Pavilion models covers the spectrum of HP laptops, from low to premium price. The HP Pavilion range offers the best HP laptop for anyone on a budget. It's a great example of a laptop range that strikes the perfect balance between price and performance, making it one of the best laptops range for college students needing to make presentations and take extensive notes.

HP Chromebooks

Bear in mind that Chromebooks from all manufacturers run off Google's Chrome operating system rather than Windows or Mac OS. They're primarily designed to do whatever your web browser can. They can't run Word, but you can create documents via Google Docs. The hard disk is very small, as Chromebooks are primarily meant to be used online, where you can use cloud storage.

With HP’s Chromebook range you get a wide selection of models, from budget to mid-price. HP targets students with Chromebooks with a smaller screen size starting from 11”. It has an affordable price and a tiny frame. If all you're after is a budget laptop for checking your emails, browsing your favourite websites and taking notes, it’s perfect. One big selling point is the long battery life. HP has innovated in the Chromebook world with this fantastic, detachable laptop.

Slightly further up the product ladder is the EliteBook range. This model is a professional hybrid with a touchscreen option that has crossover appeal for anyone looking for useful features and a great design.

Mid and premium-range HP laptops

The HP Zbook and lite book range concentrate on power and looks. Targeted primarily at business users, these models are known for reliability and elegant design. Many reviewers have commented that they emulate the best parts of Apple's MacBook, but with better value and more options.

The luxurious HP Spectre range really stands out from the competition in the premium market segment. This top-of-the-line range includes beautiful laptops which are also a powerful 2-in-1. These beautiful, high-performing machines run on the latest Intel Core CPUs.

HP Gaming Laptops

When it comes to gaming, the HP Omen range provides a great combination of price, screen size, and performance.

The Omen range is more desirable than ever. This gaming notebook has been redesigned with an attention-grabbing chassis. Put this together with a bright and lively display and some suitable loudspeakers, and you have a gaming notebook that you can fall in love with.

At Choosist, we do our best to find you an HP laptop which meets your specific needs. If you are looking for an HP laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here, whether it’s for heavy-duty professional work, light use, studies or gaming. Just use our tools to filter your requirements and we’ll display the best available option. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect HP machine for you and yours.