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HP Laptops

Discover the latest laptops from HP today.

Second only to IBM worldwide in technology hardware and services, Hewlett Packard has come a long way from their humble beginnings in that Palo Alto garage. Though still headquartered in Silicon Valley, they now dominate the global laptop market. As you might expect, HP boasts an impressive and diverse range of laptops to cover every possible requirement for the discerning user. HP has had a resurgence in the last couple of years, especially with its fantastic, highly-rated products that are both beautifully designed and are very functional for everyday use. Another big plus for potential buyers is the quality and reliability of HP’s after-sales support.

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This HP Stream has the flexibility to meet all the different reasons you may need your laptop, switching easily between work and play modes. If you work hard and play harder, then this is the laptop for you. The HP Stream is fully personalizable, in both its design and features, with the ability to choose which of the vibrant colors you would like, giving you the ability to tailor this to your individual style. On top of this, you can also customize the amount of RAM that your laptop has, which can cater your laptop towards your own individual needs, from fulfilling basic tasks to using demanding software applications. If audio is high on your list of demands, the Stream's front facing speakers and Studio Sound give you a HD experience for your ears, giving the optimum experience for playing games, watching videos and for editing software. To top it off, the HP Stream comes in a sleek design that is sure to suit every lifestyle, with a light build that is easy to transport and use easily.

Students, office workers, and casual browsers will fall in love with this cute little powerhouse. However, don't be fooled by the cuteness. This HP Chromebook's design and specs shows that it can cope with demand while looking fantastic. The Intel® Celeron® processor 2 means that you get a fast laptop that won't struggle to multi-task, and your battery life will last, too. For those that get a lot of use from video chats, there are some high-quality visuals involved here, and for Google Hangouts or Skype, there's plenty of viewing angle. What's more, the lovely bonus of noise suppression software means that you get little in the way or background noise. The Intel® HD Audio delivers sound quality that's clear and free from distortion, and the visual from its HD screen are lively and perfectly animated. For low-demand tasks like Facebook or Twitter scrolling you'll get maximum speed, and for more labor-intensive jobs it's not going to struggle either. It's a tank that hides its power in design.

Designed for student but perfect for professionals, this is a tough laptop indeed. The optional touchscreen can be useful if you select this option, with its multitouch display that makes app management much easier. Even if you skip over the touchscreen, you're still left with a good sized screen that's in HD and comes with a cool backlight. With portability in mind, it's no wonder that this laptop is light and slim, but that doesn't have a negative effect on either power or durability. This is one tough laptop, but it's powered by some Intel® processors and great onboard Intel® HD Graphics so it's got the power to keep you going through work or play. The perfect finishing touch is the Intel® HD Audio which will make your Spotify sound flawless or your YouTube videos sound as crisp as imaginable. Whether it's for getting down to your homework, starting a new online lesson plan, or kicking back with Reddit, this laptop will do the job and do it well.

After a vibrant, fun, light, and sleek laptop with a difference? The HP Stream is a colorful and smooth laptop that offers any user the basics and great functionality. This laptop is hard-working, well-designed, and comes with the all-familiar Windows 10. At a thin 18.4mm and lightweight 2.6lbs, this 11-inch notebook is easily portable, so you can take it to lectures, business meetings or to the local café for the day. With Intel processors, you can enjoy a reliable performance without having to worry about performance issues; plus, you are able to enjoy your favorite films and TV shows in HD display and amazing picturesque clarity. The battery means you don't have to worry about being unplugged for too long, the DTS Sound + Audio means you can enjoy dynamic sound, and there's a selection of bright and vibrant colors for you to choose from, so the color scheme of your laptop matches your personality.

New and improved, the HP Stream is a fun and exciting design that brings joy to all your daily tasks. From its vibrant blue design to its increased efficiency, this a great all-round laptop for the everyday. With fast boot times, this laptop is a speedy and fast paced alternative to more powerful laptops, allowing you to get the job done from any location at a fraction of the normal time. Not only this, but its dual core processing unit gives you a more reliable and consistent service that you can trust to work at its best whenever you need it. Its Windows is also more reliable than ever before, allowing applications and software to run as smoothly as you need them to complete daily tasks, such as browsing the internet. If you are looking for a secure laptop to help you fulfil basic activities, there could be no better option than the vivid simplicity of the HP Stream.

The HP Stream is a fun, nimble, and colorful laptop for those who need a basic workstation that allows them to complete tasks such as completing homework and watching their favorite shows and films. Designed in a vibrant purple color, this laptop is the life of the party when it comes to coloring and design: smooth, rounded corners, vivid purple exterior, and beautifully modern white keys - this laptop is a loud and vivacious machine. While the Stream is by no means a powerhouse, this machine can complete the most basic of tasks, and complete them well. Designed with simplicity in mind, the Stream is ideal for high school students or those who needs a laptop for the sake of internet surfing, streaming, long battery life, and portability. With a standard 4GB of RAM, this laptop offers all the features you want, without slowing you down and causing you issue.

Even geniuses need a great connection to the digital world, and the HP Stream can help make every student feel like a mastermind with its accessible and responsive design. Catered towards a number of student activities such as note-taking, essay-writing and research, the HP Stream is powered towards reliability, with enough memory that you can even conduct all these activities at once. The 1366 x 768 pixel resolution is also perfect for students and professionals alike, providing a clean and crispy interface through which they can work and study without interruption. For a simple computer with added elegance, the HP Stream is a great option, and its modest size makes it completely portable, ready to be squashed between scraps of homework. Not only this, but its sturdy design is completely prepared for the mishaps of student life, ensuring that the student in your life will always have a reliable source from which they can work, no matter what they throw at it.

For everyday basic use, it's hard to beat this sleek and impressive HP Chromebook 14. If you're looking for a laptop that lets you do the basics, like browsing the web, emailing, or even some basic photo editing, then this will certainly do the job while looking incredibly attractive, too. This Chromebook is a superbly sleek looking laptop that certainly looks the part, and the power that it packs into its slim chassis is a delightful surprise. The Intel HD graphics only add to the quality, with the inbuilt webcam doing a good job of making Skype an enjoyable experience with crisp visuals. You'll even be able to engage in video editing on this Chromebook, because the Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology is already loaded so that you can get straight to sharing your video creations with your audience - perfect for creatives! To top it all off, the 14-inch screen is the ideal size for watching your own videos or streaming films, and completes the look and practicality of this elegant and enjoyable Chromebook.

Make sure you get the grades you've always wanted with the HP Chromebook 14. With a screen size of 14 inches, this is an excellent addition to your rucksack, enabling you to transport it easily between lectures and meetings. Not only this, but the slim HD screen gives you stunning visuals on a budget, whilst still ensuring that it maintains portability. We know how important communication is to students, and the HP Chromebook comes with communication features such as a TrueVision HD Webcam that has an integrated digital microphone, making this laptop reliable and easy to use for Skype calls. Whilst its HD ensures that you will feel as if family and friends are in the room, its microphone will give you the power to communicate with family clearly. Additionally, the keyboard and touchpad are both comfortable and responsive, allowing you to play games and browse the internet with ease.

Want to stay connected wherever you are? Whether you want to catch up with family or keep your business running, the HP Stream is here to keep up with all of your connectivity needs. From its reliable Wi-Fi antenna for best connection possible to lightning-fast USB ports, it has never been easier to stay connected. Keep the conversation going with smooth Wi-fi connections for all your important calls, while transferring data at speed with the Stream's top-of-the-range USB ports. Not only this, but with 32 GB of internal storage, you will be able to connect with all your documents whenever you need them. What could be better than having full access to the best of Microsoft Office, and an addition 1 TB of storage space? By using these extra features, you can stay more connected than ever, ensuring that you can find any document or contact anyone in a couple of clicks.

The HP Stream can meet all of your everyday needs from morning until night with its accessible interface and simple yet engaging features. With the USB ports and SD card slot, you can store all the information that you need throughout the day on one device, from that group presentation for school to the latest e-book to read on the way home. What could be better than having access to every piece of information when you need it? The HP Stream prides itself on its portability, and its sleek design allows you to fit it easily between your schoolbooks, allowing you to have access to its wide range of features from any location and when on the move. If you need your laptop to be a little more powerful, you can always upgrade the amount of RAM in your laptop, meaning that you can personalize its power towards the best option for your uses.


Budget all-rounder HP Laptops

The HP Stream series is the latest, ultra-cheap laptops from its popular budget range. Coming in a variety of bright colours including blue and purple, these laptops are certainly eye-catching and it is the cheapest 14-inch screen laptop on the market. The dual-core Celeron processor together with 4GB of Ram is fine for surfing and document work. For the money, it's a snip!

If you're looking for a bigger screen and enough power for work and play, the HP Pavilion range is a good place to start. The range of Pavilion models covers the spectrum of HP laptops, from low to premium price. The HP Pavilion range offers the best HP laptop for anyone on a budget. It's a great example of a laptop range that strikes the perfect balance between price and performance, making it one of the best laptops range for college students needing to make presentations and take extensive notes.

HP Chromebooks

Bear in mind that Chromebooks from all manufacturers run off Google's Chrome operating system rather than Windows or Mac OS. They're primarily designed to do whatever your web browser can. They can't run Word, but you can create documents via Google Docs. The hard disk is very small, as Chromebooks are primarily meant to be used online, where you can use cloud storage.

With HP’s Chromebook range you get a wide selection of models, from budget to mid-price. HP targets students with Chromebooks with a smaller screen size starting from 11”. It has an affordable price and a tiny frame. If all you're after is a budget laptop for checking your emails, browsing your favourite websites and taking notes, it’s perfect. One big selling point is the long battery life. HP has innovated in the Chromebook world with this fantastic, detachable laptop.

Slightly further up the product ladder is the EliteBook range. This model is a professional hybrid with a touchscreen option that has crossover appeal for anyone looking for useful features and a great design.

Mid and premium-range HP laptops

The HP Zbook and lite book range concentrate on power and looks. Targeted primarily at business users, these models are known for reliability and elegant design. Many reviewers have commented that they emulate the best parts of Apple's MacBook, but with better value and more options.

The luxurious HP Spectre range really stands out from the competition in the premium market segment. This top-of-the-line range includes beautiful laptops which are also a powerful 2-in-1. These beautiful, high-performing machines run on the latest Intel Core CPUs.

HP Gaming Laptops

When it comes to gaming, the HP Omen range provides a great combination of price, screen size, and performance.

The Omen range is more desirable than ever. This gaming notebook has been redesigned with an attention-grabbing chassis. Put this together with a bright and lively display and some suitable loudspeakers, and you have a gaming notebook that you can fall in love with.

At Choosist, we do our best to find you an HP laptop which meets your specific needs. If you are looking for an HP laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here, whether it’s for heavy-duty professional work, light use, studies or gaming. Just use our tools to filter your requirements and we’ll display the best available option. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect HP machine for you and yours.