Lenovo ThinkPad P71 Xeon 17.3 inch IPS SSD Quadro Black

MPN: 20HK001CUS  |  EAN: 0191376628032  |  Model: ThinkPad P71

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Choosist's Ratings

Lenovo ThinkPad P71 Xeon 17.3 inch IPS SSD Quadro Black - 20HK001CUS Performance, Usage and Feature Ratings
Use Rating
3D Design (CAD)
Just Right
Pro Video Editing
Just Right
Amateur Photo Editing
Casual Gaming
Hardcore Gaming
Very Good
College (Students)
Watching Movies
Just Right
Basic Video Editing
Very Good
Pro Graphic Design
Very Good
Simple Music Editing
Pro Music Production
Very Good
Front-end Development
Very Good
Back-end Development
Just Right
Social Media
Long Journeys
Just Right
Use Around the Office
Very Good
Use At the Client's
Just Right
Use in Public Places
Very Good
Short Journeys
Very Good
Working in Low Light
Working with Numbers
Regular Look
Business Look
17+ Inches
Pro Photo Editing
Very Good
Serious Multitasking

Its a powerful CAD workstation

From running visual and structural simulations to rendering your next animated showpiece, the ThinkPad P71’s multi-core CPU and NVIDIA Quadro P3000 GPU will help bring your ideas and designs to life.

Professional Video Production

A multi-core Intel Xeon E3-1505MV6 sits at the heart of the ThinkPad P71, providing plenty of raw processing power for editing 4K high definition video. With a total storage capacity of 512 GB, the ThinkPad P71 ensures you have plenty of space to store your footage.

Great for photo editing

Achieve great photo editing results with the ThinkPad P71 from Lenovo . It comes with a large NVIDIA Quadro P3000 storage capacity for any pictures you keep on locally on the laptop. It also boasts a handy Memory Card Reader, making it incredibly easy to transfer pictures from your camera while on the move.


A resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, means rich graphics to shoot Zombies or cross the galaxy in detail

Your Lenovo 's Intel Xeon E3-1505MV6 processor means whilst your thumbs may struggle with Call of Duty or Doom your will not. 

The 16 GB RAM combines nicely with the GPU on the NVIDIA Quadro P3000 which hits a 3DMark benchmark score of 9255.5 , and the 4 cores CPU hit a Passmark benchmark of 9855

You can have the dark arcade experience without tapping blindly thanks to the built in back-lit keyboard. 

It's good for academic research

As a student or researcher, the ThinkPad P71 provides a good balance of portability and performance. With b/g/n/ac WiFi support, you can easily roam between networks in libraries, offices and labs. This laptop gives you the tools you need to research and write outstanding papers.

All about the Films!

In addition to its excellent Advanced screen, this laptop comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution ensuring scenes pop with colour and great fidelity. Also, while watching in the dark, you can start, stop and skip through scenes using the backlit keyboard.

Videos for fun

Whether you’re vlogging on YouTube, or putting together high-quality family videos, the ThinkPad P71 can meet your needs.

And when you’ve finished editing, the on-board Memory Card Reader makes it simple to transfer and share your video content with others

Give your Images the professional touch

With plenty of RAM, processing power and a dedicated graphics card, the ThinkPad P71 gives you everything you need to complete high quality photos and graphic design projects.

Music and Audio

Developing your own tunes and mixes is important to you, so we've recommended a laptop that has got an advanced audio system on-board with HD sound capabilities.

The presence of a 4 cores core process will help speed up music format conversions or codec-based compression.

Its all about the Beats

Since you're all about the music, this laptop will make a great side-kick to you music production gear. It's multi-core processor gives you the necessary muscle to rip, encode or convert your audio craft without having to wait forever. Also, it's on-board audio chip and high resolution screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) offer a competent and mobile deputy to your existing tools and setup.

Book keeping

The 17.3 inches screen gives you enough screen-space to wade through columns and rows

Excel, Quicken etc, don't need much power so this option won't up the requirements on processor. 

Your Lenovo 's 16 GB RAM will ensure large sheets and accounts wont undermine performance

The numeric keypad keyboard really takes the strain out when entering data.

Can handle UI Dev & Design work

With a 9855 CPU and 16 GB of RAM, the ThinkPad P71 is ideal for front-end development. Whether you’re coding basic HTML5, or working with more complex JavaScript frameworks, this laptop has everything you need.

Can handle a Full-Stack Coding Environment

You'll need a machine that can handle multiple VMs for your various dev environments. The ThinkPad P71 sports an Intel Xeon E3-1505MV6 , (a processor with 4 cores) plus a healthy 16 GB of RAM to power your VMs and dev tools.

Regular Stuff / Everyday Tasks

Modern productivity apps like Office 365 and Google G Suite are relatively lightweight – but it never hurts to have some power under the hood. The ThinkPad P71 packs a decent Intel Xeon E3-1505MV6 processor and 16 GB RAM so this is machine that will last.

Surf the web at speed thanks to the ThinkPad P71’s speedy b/g/n/ac WiFi interface.

Email demands very little from a laptop. We've taken this into account.

Social networking is relatively lightweight, so the low power 3 GHz processor is ideal. With 9.8 hours battery life, you can stay connected between charges.

Battery life is fairly decent

With its 9.8 hours battery life, the ThinkPad P71 offers a good amount of freedom while moving from place to place around the house.

The 9.8 hours battery life in the ThinkPad P71 is sufficient for short sessions of use in coffee shops, parks etc.

The ThinkPad P71 allows you to stay productive even when you need to pop out for a few hours thanks to its portability and 9.8 hours battery life.

A long journey doesn’t mean wasted time with the ThinkPad P71 thanks to its massive 9.8 hours battery life.

The 9.8 hours battery life in the ThinkPad P71 can keep you going while moving from one meeting space to another.

Get straight to work on site with the ThinkPad P71. A 9.8 hours battery life means you don’t have to start the day hunting for a free power socket.

Working in the dark

This laptop can be used night or day thanks to the built in back-lit keyboard.


When delivering presentations, you need to be sure you can connect to the meeting room projector or screen. The 1 offers several different display ports to make sure everyone can see your slideshow.

Numeric Key Pad

The quality of keyboard is crucial to data entry, so the ThinkPad P71 includes a numeric keypad to make your life easier. And the spill resistant keyboard protects you against accidental spills too.

Looks like your everyday laptop

When you're more concerned about what your laptop does than how it looks, the ThinkPad P71 is a safe bet.

Looks very professional

Traditional and corporate, the ThinkPad P71 will not be out of place in any office, anywhere in the world.

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Product Description

This Lenovo Thinkpad allows you to create an instant workstation wherever you are. Its 7th Generation Intel Core means that this laptop is smart and efficient, allowing you to produce work quickly and to deadlines, without worrying about possible computer crashes or problems along the way. The Thinkpad can support Full HD graphics that make watching movies and videos a delight. The 16 GB of RAM allow you to open multiple programs at once, so that you can work and play at the same time. With its large internal memory, the Lenovo can store a large amount of data and documents at one time, meaning that you really can carry your life around in your pocket. The Dual Intel Thunderbolt 3 ports mean this model can support high resolution displays and high performance data devices with ease, and the ergonomic keyboard allow for comfortable feel. With this Lenovo, nothing will hold you back

Technical Specifications

Lenovo ThinkPad P71 Xeon 17.3 inch IPS SSD Quadro Black - 20HK001CUS Technical Specifications
Specification Description
Colour Black
Form Factor Clamshell
Display Brightness 300 cd/m²
Display Contrast Ratio 800:1
Display HD Type FHD
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Display Size 17.3 inches
Display Technology Name IPS
Processor Architecture 64 Bit
Processor Cores 4 cores
Processor Family Intel Xeon E3 v6
Processor Model Intel Xeon E3-1505MV6
Processor Speed 3.00 GHz
Processor Threads 8
RAM Size 16 GB
RAM Speed 2400 MHz
SSD Capacity 512 GB
Storage Total Capacity 512 GB
Storage Type SSD
Graphics Card Model - Dedicated NVIDIA Quadro P3000
Graphics Card Model - Integrated Intel HD Graphics P630
Graphics Card Type Dedicated
Sound System Realtek ALC3268
Network Bluetooth Type 4.1
Network Wired Type 10/100/1000 Mbps
Network Wireless Type b/g/n/ac
Ports & Interfaces
Docking Port 1
HDMI Port 1
HDMI Version 1.4b
Memory Card Reader 1
Microphone 1
Mini DisplayPort 1
USB 3.0/3.1 (Gen 1) Type-A Ports 4
USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C Port 2
USB Sleep-and-Charge Ports 1
Camera 1
Camera Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Keyboard Back-lit Yes
Keyboard Num-Pad Yes
Keyboard Spill Resistant Yes
Operating System Architecture 64 Bit
Operating System Name Microsoft Windows
Operating System Version Windows 10 Pro
Battery Life 9.8 hours
Cable Lock Slot Yes
Fingerprint Reader Yes
Weight & Dimensions
Dimesnsions - Depth 27.55 inches
Dimesnsions - Height (front) 2.99 inches
Dimesnsions - Height (rear) 3.42 inches
Dimesnsions - Width 41.6 inches
Weight 7.28 lbs
Certifications & Compliance
Energy Star Certified Yes
EPEAT Compliance Gold
RoHS Compliance 1