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HP Pavilion 15 - HP Pavilion 15 Performance, Usage and Feature Ratings
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Social Media
Carrying All the Time
Just Right
Gaming Look
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Regular Stuff / Everyday Tasks

The makes surfing the web easy thanks to a reasonable hardware specification and fast, reliable WiFi connectivity.

A sizeable drive allows you to download and manage hundreds of thousands of emails on the .

Social networking is relatively lightweight, so the low power processor is ideal. With battery life, you can stay connected between charges.

Great to use on the go!

Because this has got a weight measuring in at , it'll help you stay light and nimble. 

Slick package

It's got clean lines and a premium look, which showcases a refined taste in mobile devices.

Lively and charming package

The is an eye-catching package with a bright and refreshing look. The perfect accessory to compliment your individual sense of style.

Looks like your everyday laptop

It looks simple, capable and doesn't stand out in any particular way.

Looks very professional

The has got the traditional corporate look and will definitely blend in within the enterprise environment.

Very stylized look

It comes in an unconventional package that stands out from the typical greys and blacks that are common with such devices.

Package that suits a Gamer

Combining style and ergonomics, the is built for hardcore gaming on the move.

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Product Description

For a simple and professional design, look no further than the class of the HP Pavilion. For gaming or business use, the HP Pavilion is a reliable and affordable option, with features including a backlit keyboard. This keyboard ensures that you can work into the night without complaint due to its ease of access that complements the high resolution display. The HP Pavilion's high quality processor also ensures that this system supports casual gaming and is reliable when you need it. In addition, the 15 inch screen gives you both a vivid experience with added portability, ensuring that you can take your documents and games with you to any location. The screen has also been built using anti-glare tech and comes with a wonderful WLED-backlight that gives a consistent performance even when working into the night or in bright lighting conditions, ensuring that you can share your work wherever you are.

Technical Specifications

HP Pavilion 15 - HP Pavilion 15 Technical Specifications
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