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DELL Inspiron 7567

Dell XPS Black

Dell XPS 13


For designers, computer storage can become full extremely quickly, but the DELL XPS has the facilities to take you into the modern age, with a seemingly unlimited 2 TB of storage. This will allow you to connect your laptop with the greatest technological advances such as 3D and large video files, enabling you to bring your life and workspace up to date. It is impossible for businesspeople and designers to disconnect from the outside world, and the DELL XPS helps you to do so with Thunderbolt 3, allowing you to transfer files and data at lightning speed between devices and single cable docking. We know how large some design software can be and that is why we recommend DELL XPS to those who work in large business and design environments. DELL's i5 and i7 processors have the strength to withstand the rigors of the latest software, supporting you in all your business ventures and successes.

DELL XPS 9360 (Black & Silver)


Award-winning innovation meets state of the art technology with the Dell XPS 9370. Winner of the CES 2018 innovation award, this laptop not only looks stunning, it also packs a lot of incredible hardware that will make you weep from joy. The screen showcases vivid and dreamlike colors and outstanding graphics for extra clarity, ideal for a movie marathon. The touchscreen is also almost borderless, meaning you get more screen for your buck. Plus, its lightweight nature allows you to carry this little machine anywhere you wish with minimal effort. Pack up this DELL and go on an adventure! Work or play, this laptop can keep your powered and entertained with picture-perfect visuals and a processor that won't slow you down. What's more, when paired with its modernist silver and black coloring, this laptop is a futurist dream. This laptop's scorching hot design makes this DELL laptop and absolute vision.


If you are looking for a laptop that is budget-friendly, whilst being designed for a variety of needs, Dell’s starter laptops should be your first port of call. Whether you’re seeking a family laptop for general use by parents and children, a business laptop fit for the corporate world or a powerful gaming laptop, Dell ticks all the right boxes. The Dell Inspiron range is ideal for home and home office use, incorporating the latest generation of processors, ample ports and connection options and all of the essential functionality and software for everyday computing. Dell’s Inspiron Chromebook is also a budget-friendly option if all you’re worried about is swift, dependable access to the internet.

2-in-1 Dell laptops

2-in-1 touchscreen and convertible Dell laptops are becoming incredibly popular with families and businesses alike. The chance to own a multi-purpose laptop-turned-tablet allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 series are available with 15” and 17” touchscreens with vibrant displays, DVD drives and unrivalled portability to allow you to take your laptop with you, wherever you go. It’s the ideal laptop solution for both work and play.

Dell XPS laptops for premium performance

Of course, if you require nothing but the best from your new Dell laptop, the sensible option would be to consider the Dell XPS range. These laptops boast exceptional build quality, unique aesthetics and functionality and the highest resolution displays. For example, the newer XPS feature a Quad HD+ touchscreen display that offers five times the resolution of a standard HD screen. Better still, all Dell XPS laptops are sold with one-year Premium Support and On-site Service for complete peace of mind.

Hand-pick the right Dell laptop for you

At Choosist, we specialise in being able to recommend a Dell laptop that meets your specific everyday usage requirements. If you are looking for a Dell laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here. With laptops built for transportability and basic browsing through to those needed for studying, work or even high-powered computer gaming. Simply let us know what you want your new Dell laptop to do for you and we’ll display you the best available price for the laptop that fits your needs. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect Dell laptop for you and your family.