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Dell is one of the largest tech companies on the planet. Founded in 1984 by entrepreneur, Michael Dell, the firm became a household name in the PC consumer market by the mid-to-late 1990s. Consumers that liked the option of customising their PCs and buying directly from the manufacturer soon flocked to Dell, with its pioneering “configured to order” sales process helping the brand to steal a march on its competitors such as Packard Bell and Compaq.

Dell has also revolutionised the laptop industry, developing a unique range of notebooks and laptops that offer reliability, premium build quality and excellent functionality for corporate, home office and entertainment use. Today, almost one-in-five laptops sold around the world is manufactured by Dell, so you can buy a Dell laptop with complete confidence.

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After a laptop with incredible speed and durability? You can't go wrong with the DELL Chromebook 3120 11.6, that's for sure. Built with a powerful CPU (Intel Celeron N2840), this DELL Chromebook is a workhorse that is sure to impress. Combine its weighty and impressive features with its rugged charm, and you're onto a winner. The DELL Chromebook 3120 11.6 is sturdy and although looks like a typical laptop, offers the impressive feature of being waterproof - not many laptops can offer this - making it an ideal choice for those who may be accident prone. Complete with a remarkable 11.6 inch screen that's also HD, feel free to indulge in Netflix and enjoy your favorite shows and films in perfect clarity, and with its long battery life, you can continue to watch without worrying about being far away from a plug socket. Therefore, if you are seeking a laptop that is for work and pleasure, the DELL Chromebook 3120 11.6 benefits from no internal fans (making it incredibly quiet), beautiful and vivid visuals, and a design that exudes practicality and durability.

This DELL Chromebook can open doorways to the digital world. If you are looking to use your Chromebook collaboratively, the extensive and wide viewing angles offer a lot of scope, whether it's in tablet, laptop, or tent mode. These different modes ensure that you can use your laptop for a variety of purposes such as note-taking and drawing, and the touchscreen makes this laptop extremely interactive and hands-on, as well as instantly accessible. Not only this, but this Dell can survive family life, with its rubberized edges protecting it from scrapes and spills. The extensive battery life of 10 hours will also ensure that you can access the internet from any location without worrying about carrying a charger. Additionally, the Chromebook operating system is familiar and comes with a simple interface that is easily accessible. What's more, the display is sharp and bright, allowing you to watch movies in technicolor.

The DELL Inspiron 3168 offers power and futuristic design with this 2-in-1 laptop and tablet. This 11-inch beauty is fun but can pack a powerful punch. Its bright red color is stunning and one of its attractive qualities, however, the specs of this laptop are more than impressive. For those who want to binge Netflix in its entirety, its visuals are of high-quality with vibrant colors and crisp lines, but for the busy professionals who need to work on the go, you'll be pleasantly surprised with this machine's 1.6 GHz processor and 2GB of RAM. What's more, for work, you'll find that the inbuilt Intel® Identity Protection Technology is designed specifically to protect companies from identity theft, so this 2-in-1 isn't just fun, it's got a sensitive side too. With four modes to choose from, this is a customizable device that you'll get a lot of fun and flexibility from.

DELL Inspiron 3168


It's all about fun with this impressive and attractive 2-in-1, and with its vibrant red color, this machine stands out and makes a statement. The perfect partner for those who need a laptop to adventure with, the DELL Inspiron 3168 is the ideal accompaniment that's effortlessly light but durable. If you worry this laptop is a gimmick, this 11-inch 2-in-1 will prove you wrong. The screen, whether in laptop or tablet mode, is an excellent 4k of quality with a highly responsive touchscreen. The addition of the Intel® Quick Sync Video Technology means that you'll be able to watch, edit, create and then share video content with ease, and the long battery life means that you'll be able to do it anywhere. Ultimately, this is a real companion of a device, and you won't ever want to leave home without it. Versatile, powerful, and above all, a fun 2-in-1 that won't let you down.

This 2-in-1 Inspiron 11 puts fun back into laptops. Not only is this laptop incredibly flexible but it has four modes for you choose from, designed to help users settle into a comfortable position, wherever they are. Plus, its electric blue color is bright, vibrant and makes you standout for all the right reasons. Colorful, lightweight and versatile, you'll be hard-pressed to find fault in this dream of a laptop. When you delve deeper into the laptop's hardware, you'll be equally just as surprised - the HDD offers plenty of storage for all of your photos and music, while the MaxxAudio audio system makes every bassline, guitar solo and lyric clear. For visuals, the 11.6-inch touchscreen is remarkably responsive to the touch and a delight for your eyes, and the Intel processor will ensure that it keeps up the pace. Work or play, it doesn't matter. This is the hybrid for you.

The DELL Inspiron 3567 is a thing of class and beauty. Not only can this little laptop complete the most basic of computing needs, but it also features True Life displays and audio clarity to die for. The superior sounds this nifty laptop produces is out of this world and will be blissful to listen to, be it for music or streaming your favorite film. Crisp display, in-depth and vivid visuals and bright imagery completes this laptop; you'll never want to part from it for another. The icing on the cake is this Inspiron's connectivity that also offers video in HD. Speak to people long-distance, indulge in YouTube or host a business meeting over Skype. This laptop's essence is that it's easy on the eyes, simple to use, produces incredible visuals and makes the most demanding of tasks a joy to complete. Never underestimate this sleep little laptop - it's an unstoppable force in disguise.

Dell Inspiron 15 5567


What do you want in a laptop? Is it a glossy finish that emits sophistication and beauty? Or are you after a laptop that's a work horse and can give you unlimited power and reach? What if you want both? If so, the DELL Inspiron 15 5567 has your name written all over it. This laptop is easy on the eyes, portable, has a sizable 15-inch screen (that's fully HD) and an Intel 7th Gen processor so that your experience is responsive and seamless. From its sleek, brushed hairline palm rest to its backlit, bottom-mount keyboard, the 5567 has the user's experience at its core. Listen to music comfortably, watch videos without annoying buffering, and if you need to increase your storage as your video and music libraries grow, know that you can do this, no hassle. As with most DELL laptops, this model has been fully tested and can withstand high temperatures, button bashing and twists and turns like no other laptop.

This DELL Chromebook a classroom essential, perfect for students. This robust laptop is durable enough to withstand the rigors of the classroom, ensuring that you can work without fear of potential damage due to the rubber-protected edges of its base. We know how important connectivity is to students, and the DELL Chromebook has a variety of fast ports that can ensure that you can connect external appliances and share your files. Not only this, but this laptop has an optional touchscreen that you can adapt to your way of learning by giving your laptop an extra element of interactivity. Its DELL Activity lights are also designed for the classroom, with the use of three colors acting as a non-verbal and non-disruptive way of communicating with teachers and other students in-class. Additionally, beat the chaos of student life with its extensive battery life, which can last throughout your school day and beyond.

Inspiron 15 5000


Are you a gamer but struggling to find an affordable laptop that can cope with the biggest gaming titles out there? Well, the Inspiron 15 5000 is your saving grace. This laptop comes with a 15-inch display and high-performance graphics so that you can fight the baddies and save a universe in complete clarity and impeccable visuals. As they say, more power, better gameplay - and with the 7th Gen Quad-Core processor from Intel, the 15 5000 provides responsive and reliable gameplay for an uninterrupted experience. After all, who wants to risk landing the final blow when their game stops working? See every move and breath your character makes, inspect the beautiful environment surrounding your virtual self, and delve into adventures that are an absolute whirlwind. Head outside, to the local café or stay within the confide of your home, but wherever you play, the anti-glare won't let light ruin your experience.

The Latitude laptops continue to reign supreme with their aesthetically pleasing and hard-working laptops that combine beauty, style and power without compromising on quality or portability. As a business class laptop, you can find all the specs you'd expect, as well as a sleek and streamlined chassis that carries a professional aura. Brilliantly portable, this beauty of a laptop only weighs 3.01lbs, so you can go from meeting to meeting with limited hassle and set up required. Plus, if you're ever clumsy and drop your beloved Latitude, its Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ technology means you don't have to worry about damage. Whether you want to get hard at work and deliver a PowerPoint that's going to change lives, watch a movie when on the go or write prose at the local coffee shop, you can do all (and more) confidently. Professional design, powerful hardware with a focus on business, what else could you want?

Flexibility is the name of the game when it comes to this DELL laptop. This is the ultimate tool for increased productivity, combining effortless design, better security and reliability that'll zap away any worries you may have. The DELL Latitude 5480 is one in the long line of laptops from DELL that has mixed performance and reliability with design and usability. The 14-inch screen is big enough for you to work on documents or other software without compromising on quality: you'll still enjoy out of this world visuals and clarity you'll want to gaze lovingly at. This is one mighty, futuristic machine with its infrared camera that'll use facial recognition to log you in, as well as multi-factor authentication hardware. Manage your workload with ease, keep up with your work while on the go, and fall head over heels for this well-designed laptop that's sleek, sexy and simply amazing. Short summary: this laptop is an absolute dreamboat.

The DELL Latitude is an exciting addition to the workplace, giving your business the premium power that it needs for you to succeed in hectic work environments. Its 7th generation cores give it the necessary boost to re-energize the way that you interact with technology, giving you the tools to make your workplace a fast-paced environment where you can conduct multiple tasks and run a large amount of software at the same time. We all know the importance of security when it comes to businesses, and the DELL Latitude can provide this, with a range of security options such as the high class fingerprint reader to ensure that only you can access your important documents. If your desk is flooding with papers, this laptop can help you spring clean, with its 16 GB of storage meaning that you can store a grand amount of files and documents onto your laptop and access these from any location.

For a budget gaming laptop, the Dell Inspiron 15 is one that stands out and an absolute dream. Able to play some of the latest games in Full HD, users can experience tiny worlds and their favorite characters clarity and vivid imagery. The battery life and weight make it highly portable, while the 15.6-inch Full HD display allows you to explore different and unknown territory in clean lines and melodramatic colors. Furthermore, the display also comes with added Anti-Glare and an LED-Backlit Display too, so it looks as good scrolling through social media as it does playing Fortnite. Most importantly, the 8GB memory works hard to play the latest games, with the 1TB HDD meaning that gameplay is smooth and problems with storage are a distant memory. The webcam comes with a crisp 720p in HD, so images are satisfyingly fresh, too. Sleek and ergonomic, this is a tough and durable gaming laptop that looks as good as it plays.

The DELL latitude gives you the perfect balance between work and play, even if you are struggling to find it. With its 2-in-1 hybrid nature, you can cut between business and break with ease, where there is only ever a few seconds between filling out that spreadsheet and watching that movie you've always wanted to. The DELL Latitude is the perfect companion laptop, providing images and design that is constantly true to life and realistic, allowing you to delve completely into your favorite movies as much as your heart desires. With its impressive core processors, you will also be able to run movies and games smoothly, as well as conduct spreadsheets and emails - with all the software open and running at the same time. This is your laptop, your way, and its impressive scope and capacity can allow you to have one stop for all your digital desires, whatever the time of day or night.

Engineered to appeal to the gaming crowd, this has all of the specs and features you can dream of. It's some impressive stuff, and there's plenty to look at beyond the sleek chassis. On the inside, you'll find that the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX graphics are perfect to match the latest Intel processor, so gaming is quick and mercifully lag-free. The screen is a beautiful thing too, with IPS tech as standard and the choice of FHD or the even more impressive UHD. Both come with full anti-glare paneling, so you can get your game on wherever you are without worrying about reflections. The sound is amazing, thanks to the two internal speakers that are powered by a little Waves MaxxAudio Pro. As well as all of the tech specs you need, it also comes with smart airflow and an SSD so that overheating or storage are never going to be an issue that affects your game-playing. Brute power in an elegant chassis, this is a real head-turner.


If you are looking for a laptop that is budget-friendly, whilst being designed for a variety of needs, Dell’s starter laptops should be your first port of call. Whether you’re seeking a family laptop for general use by parents and children, a business laptop fit for the corporate world or a powerful gaming laptop, Dell ticks all the right boxes. The Dell Inspiron range is ideal for home and home office use, incorporating the latest generation of processors, ample ports and connection options and all of the essential functionality and software for everyday computing. Dell’s Inspiron Chromebook is also a budget-friendly option if all you’re worried about is swift, dependable access to the internet.

2-in-1 Dell laptops

2-in-1 touchscreen and convertible Dell laptops are becoming incredibly popular with families and businesses alike. The chance to own a multi-purpose laptop-turned-tablet allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 series are available with 15” and 17” touchscreens with vibrant displays, DVD drives and unrivalled portability to allow you to take your laptop with you, wherever you go. It’s the ideal laptop solution for both work and play.

Dell XPS laptops for premium performance

Of course, if you require nothing but the best from your new Dell laptop, the sensible option would be to consider the Dell XPS range. These laptops boast exceptional build quality, unique aesthetics and functionality and the highest resolution displays. For example, the newer XPS feature a Quad HD+ touchscreen display that offers five times the resolution of a standard HD screen. Better still, all Dell XPS laptops are sold with one-year Premium Support and On-site Service for complete peace of mind.

Hand-pick the right Dell laptop for you

At Choosist, we specialise in being able to recommend a Dell laptop that meets your specific everyday usage requirements. If you are looking for a Dell laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here. With laptops built for transportability and basic browsing through to those needed for studying, work or even high-powered computer gaming. Simply let us know what you want your new Dell laptop to do for you and we’ll display you the best available price for the laptop that fits your needs. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect Dell laptop for you and your family.