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The DELL Inspiron 7559 is an absolute delight and considered a whole new era of performance and power. Designed with pleasure and performance in mind, the specs are perfect for gamers, creatives and hardworking professionals alike, but if you're in the gaming industry, this laptop is the bee's knees. The greatest and latest Xbox games are now at your fingertips, and because of the cross-device barriers being brought down, you can make a smooth transition from laptop to Xbox and continue playing. But what else does this laptop have to offer? You'll fall in love with the FHD anti-glare IPS wide angle display and beautifully optimal Truelife UHD (4K resolution) touch screen for amazing detail. When you're playing in the dark, enjoy a backlit keyboard, and when you're in the midst of the ultimate battle, the touchpad is responsive and accurate. That's not all, though. Immerse yourself in superior sound with thanks to the Waves MaxxAudio Pro, which is sure to enhance your listening experience.

The DELL Inspiron 17 is large format notebook packed with all the good stuff you've been looking for, so look no further. Sit back and relax with this laptop that not only looks fantastic but is also packed with potential. You'll enjoy vast views with this laptop's impressive 17-inch screen, making streaming and multitasking an absolute breeze. But don't worry, this laptop is still incredibly slim (25.3mm) and can be taken wherever, whenever. Furthermore, the DELL Inspiron is stylishly crafted with its sleek and clean design and edges. What makes this machine so great, though, is its high-end feature that beautifully complement its beautiful design. You'll find the Inspiron 17 is made with the real world in mind: this laptop can survive harsh weather and high temperatures, the hinges remain tight after being opened and closed a bunch of times, and even if the base or lid is twisted and turned, the laptop's insides remain in-tact and well protected.

Sleek, efficient, stylish and exciting - these are the best words to describe the DELL Inspiron 5578. When it comes to hybrids, this laptop is one of the best with its beautiful design and amazing specs. Flip the Inspiron 5578 into action with its innovative 360-degree hinge and indulge in one of its four-modes when streaming, working or playing. With its streamlined design, you can adapt with ease with its portability. But what about this laptop's performance? You'll love the Inspiron 5578's 15.6" Full HD display, backlit keyboard and Infrared Camera that allows for secure facial recognition. You'll also enjoy the Waves MaxxAudio Pro and Intel HD Graphics 520 that are readily installed and can transform ordinary laptop use into one that's beyond words. Stay better connected and engaged with the Inspiron 5578's 802. 11ac Wi-Fi, which reduces buffering and bad connections so that you can have a seamless and flawless experience whether it's for work or play.

Dell XPS 13


Looks and power combine to create this ideal choice, a fantastic Dell all-rounder. The QHD Plus InfinityEdge Touch Screen display does not disappoint. Professional and elegant in appearance, this slim laptop comes with a strong performance guarantee. Connectivity and communication have never been easier with the Dell XPS 13, as it packs in a Dual Array Digital Microphone, while the 720pm webcam ensures quality video footage. With 256GB of SSD you're not going to run out of storage space either. This laptop has the power and durability to deliver, without compromising on style. An immaculate and highly portable laptop, the backlit keyboard is the perfect finishing touch for those who don't want to lose out on looks. Sophisticated yet powerful, the Dell XPS 13 is a great addition to any home office or college campus. With efficient memory to handle tasks, managing your hectic and busy workload has never been easier.

What if you're in desperate need for a laptop that's super small, super cute but also super powerful? The DELL Latitude 7280 checks all those boxes, and then some more. It has an amazing 12.5-inch display that comes with the option of touch display (impressive, huh?), while only weighing in at a feather weight 2.6lbs. Slip it in your bag and forget it's even there! The display is 12.5-inces of pure HD glory, with an optional FHD/FHD touch display and Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ for added protectiveness, if you were ever to accidentally drop your pride and joy. While you may think this laptop is all looks and compatibility, you would be wrong. The 7th gen processor makes for quick running so that you can work on the laptop confidently, while the SSD means that you won't be worried about a lack of storage space. Absolutely adorable, but one mighty contender when it comes to a business laptop.

This little and adorable laptop is perfect for casual and hardcore gamers alike. Whether you enjoy crushing your enemies or building the perfect farm, the DELL Inspiron's powerful and quick system gives you a gaming experience like never before. With its detailed NVIDIA graphics and a 6GB video memory, this laptop makes the most of your games by providing you with high-quality visuals and fast streaming, that avoids interruptions from buffering. Its inbuilt HHD and SSD system also means that you can rely on this laptop to store and save your games with ease, ensuring that your laptop will not only be incredibly quick, but reduce the agonies of unsaved data and game crashes. The DELL Inspiron also has a responsive keyboard so that you can button bash to your heart's content. Using this, you will always click with precision, allowing you to play your games with the best tech and graphics that'll bring your characters and tiny worlds to life.

This smart laptop is ready for the intensity of your creative passion, with world-class performance and incredible design. The NVIDIA Quadro graphics are to die for, giving all of your video and design software a professional touch that is simply irresistible to those searching to take their editing skills to another level. The beautiful graphics are also complemented by 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, giving you the opportunity to see your work in Full HD, allowing you to work on intricate designs much more easily than on pixelated laptops. If your creativity equates to an impossible workload, this laptop's 7th generation processor will allow you to meet your deadlines with time to spare, giving you a desirable edge when it comes to getting you work done on time. Combined with its USB 3.0 ports, you will be an unstoppable force, with the ability to transfer images and videos between devices in matter of seconds.

Everyday meets high performance in the DELL Precision, which lives up to its name with its 3840 x 2160 pixel display, giving you a glossy and intricate display that you can rely on for all your work needs. Whether you edit videos or use graphic design software, the DELL Precision can give you the Full HD that you need to create detailed design and creative work, while being able to watch films in perfect color and clarity. Not only this, but allow the DELL Precision to find the optimal settings for your workspace, and never feel the need to change the settings of your laptop again. DELL Precision Optimizer can do all the hard work for you, by using its superior knowledge of different settings to find the right ones for your working conditions, giving you an overall better digital experience. If it couldn't get any better, the DELL Precision has also been tested for reliability, so you can use the same applications day after day without finding fault.

Get more done with the DELL Precision 5520. Fast-track your workflow with the new 7th Gen Intel Core and E3-1505M v6 processors, designed to deliver the ultimate in performance. This makes this laptop ideal for specialist professionals who need power, speed, and a laptop that's easy to work with. Complete with professional-grade graphics (ideal for both work and play, especially if you are a gamer), as much storage space as you could need, and a newer, larger battery that'll keep your powered up. You may, quite rightly, think this laptop would be weighty, but the DELL Precision 5520 is as sleek as they come, and has an impressive 15.6-inch display, complete with InfinityEdge so that you can indulge in borderless viewing. Defeat your huge workloads with the Dell Precision Optimizer, with adjusts the settings of your laptop according to your best interests, reducing the amount of time you have to spend fiddling with awkward settings.

For those looking for Windows 10 with a twist, this DELL Precision allows you to play with the familiarity of Windows buttons and software, but with heightened power and ability. At just 15 inches, the DELL Precision is a modern laptop with an impressive almost borderless display which helps you to get the best from your laptop's size. With 8 million pixels, this laptop is a viewing experience from the future, and is easily compatible with the latest in design software for work that needs clarity and precision. Who wants to do work in their house now, anyway? With the DELL Precision, those days could be long past, with its slim yet powerful body easy to carry, and yet carrying a surprising amount of RAM. This could revolutionize the way that we think of work, especially since its SSD capacity gives this laptop a reliable, light touch that takes all the effort out of working in digital environments.

The DELL Precision helps to prepare you for those important projects in life, the type of projects that need a flawless core processor and fast speed in order to succeed. This is just part of the DELL Precision's repertoire, with the Precision Optimizer another part of the laptop's campaign to make your life easier. The Precision Optimizer changes your settings to your needs so that you don't have to, allowing you to get the best out of your laptop at all times. The long battery life from the 91WHR battery also allows you to work on all those urgent projects, taking as much time as you need- we know that there is not always time to find a charger. The 7th Generation Intel Core Processor is a welcome feature, as is the 16GB of memory. Not only this, but we know how much your business efforts can be affected by changing technology, and that is why the DELL Precision is adapted to ensure that it has full VR capabilities for all your future projects.

The DELL Precision looks as great as it performs. Incredible design with its premium chassis and incredibly gorgeous 4K Ultra HD display (with over 8 million pixels), you can view your work (or Netflix) in spectacular detail. The real key features of this laptop, though, is the 16GB of RAM, allowing for you to play AAA gaming titles if you so wish, extreme processing capabilities with thanks to the high-performing 6th Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 and world's first Intel Xeon processor options, and high-performance NVIDIA Quadro graphics options with up to 4GB of GDDR5 memory. With these specs, you can keep up with most graphic-intensive tasks, and because of its revolutionary thermal cooling system, you do not have to worry about this machine running to hot. Even your most graphic-demanding of applications will never drip out of turbo frequencies. All in all, the DELL Precision is tested and designed with optimal performance in mind.

If you want to work in style, the DELL Precision is for you, with its slick graphics sure to be the envy of all your colleagues and providing you with superior detail for you to refine your work. 8 million pixels gives this laptop a super-powered precision that will allow you to see everything in ultimate clarity, with ultra realistic HD being the icing on the cake. Coupled with endless memory, this gives your laptop the speed and storage capacities to be able to run 3D programmes for your pleasure, allowing you to bring the epic quality of the cinema into your workplace. This laptop is built for the daily grind, and its design is optimized for this, tested to ensure that your laptop is durable wherever you go, making sure that you are ready for any occasion. However, although durable, this design is also light and easy to carry, meaning that you can rely on your laptop wherever your job takes you.

The Dell Alienware 15 can keep up with even your most demanding gaming sessions. With its 15.5 inch screen, you will be able to transport this laptop to a friends house, or play during your commute. However, this portability does not diminish the quality of the Alienware's display, with Full HD and a matte finish ensuring that you see less glare when gaming during the day. Additionally, the display provides you with intense and exhilarating visuals during the heat of battle, allowing you to have a consistently high-quality gaming experience. Not only this, but the Tobii eye-tracking software and NVIDIA 10-series graphics card can propel you into the future with their VR-ready technology. Combined with the 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, this can give your games a powerful boost that puts you in control of your own destiny. Then, the Dell Alienware is specially adapted for gaming and has an Alienware TactX keyboard with n-key rollover, which means that this responsive keyboard will be more comfortable during those long all-night sessions.


If you are looking for a laptop that is budget-friendly, whilst being designed for a variety of needs, Dell’s starter laptops should be your first port of call. Whether you’re seeking a family laptop for general use by parents and children, a business laptop fit for the corporate world or a powerful gaming laptop, Dell ticks all the right boxes. The Dell Inspiron range is ideal for home and home office use, incorporating the latest generation of processors, ample ports and connection options and all of the essential functionality and software for everyday computing. Dell’s Inspiron Chromebook is also a budget-friendly option if all you’re worried about is swift, dependable access to the internet.

2-in-1 Dell laptops

2-in-1 touchscreen and convertible Dell laptops are becoming incredibly popular with families and businesses alike. The chance to own a multi-purpose laptop-turned-tablet allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 series are available with 15” and 17” touchscreens with vibrant displays, DVD drives and unrivalled portability to allow you to take your laptop with you, wherever you go. It’s the ideal laptop solution for both work and play.

Dell XPS laptops for premium performance

Of course, if you require nothing but the best from your new Dell laptop, the sensible option would be to consider the Dell XPS range. These laptops boast exceptional build quality, unique aesthetics and functionality and the highest resolution displays. For example, the newer XPS feature a Quad HD+ touchscreen display that offers five times the resolution of a standard HD screen. Better still, all Dell XPS laptops are sold with one-year Premium Support and On-site Service for complete peace of mind.

Hand-pick the right Dell laptop for you

At Choosist, we specialise in being able to recommend a Dell laptop that meets your specific everyday usage requirements. If you are looking for a Dell laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here. With laptops built for transportability and basic browsing through to those needed for studying, work or even high-powered computer gaming. Simply let us know what you want your new Dell laptop to do for you and we’ll display you the best available price for the laptop that fits your needs. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect Dell laptop for you and your family.