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Powerful, dynamic and elegant, the Dell XPS 13 is the perfect everyday solution to enhance work and play. Led by an Intel UHD Graphics 620 chipset, the 13.3-inch display supports full HD resolution with vibrant visuals and vivid detailing. Not only is the screen immensely thin, but the 4mm bezel make the multimedia experience a truly immersive one. Elsewhere, Waves MaxxAudio® Pro boosts volume and clarifies every tone for studio-quality sound. When it comes to power, the system is fitted with an impressive 1.8GHz Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM. Between scrolling through your timeline, taking notes and delivering presentations, you can capably breeze through all your day-to-day applications and web-based tasks with the XPS 13. The extensive 256GB SSD provides a substantial amount of room for your digital files, as well as rapid access to them. You're also able to keep this productivity and entertainment by your side at all times with the lightweight chassis that weighs a mere 1.2kg. Elsewhere, the outstanding battery lasts up to 19 hours and 45 minutes in a single charge.

After a laptop that's small, convenient but packs one mighty punch? Well, the DELL XPS 9360 could be just the product for you with its remarkable topend processor, IGZO IPS and 12 hours battery life. The display is virtually borderless with touchscreen capabilities, plus its super slim, super sleek chassis makes this laptop incredibly light. Enjoy ultra-sharp visuals and eye-popping details that'll stun you into silence, making watching your favorite program an absolute joy. The perks don't stop there, though. This DELL is a tough customer thanks to its precision engineering from a single block of aluminum and Gorilla Glass touch display, plus its 400 nit brightness makes viewing it outside a blissful experience. While this laptop may be the smallest on the planet, it does not lack in specs or power: anyone and everyone can enjoy this sleek little beauty, from artists to writers, to professionals and students alike. The DELL XPS 9360 is proof that good things can come in small packages. We promise you'll be completely blown away.

DELL Inspiron 5577 (Black)


Raise your hand if you're after the ultimate gaming laptop. If you happened to do so, look no further. The DELL Inspiron 5577 is a gaming laptop that's sure to impress the hardest gaming critics. Not only is the Inspiron 5577 visually stunning, but its specs are hard to beat. From the latest Intel processors to the NVIDIA® GTX graphics, your games are going to look slick and crisp, whether it's a little GTA, Civ 4, or even the latest chart toppers. The FHD anti-glare TN panel display means that you won't be distracted by a weak screen either, and the inclusion of the Waves MaxxAudio® Pro speakers and the built-in subwoofer will make gaming immersion easier than ever. The keyboard also comes with a backlight option so that you can play in the dark or look extra cool when slaying your victim. This laptop is the epitome of elegance and power - you won't need to look any further when it comes to fulfilling your gaming needs.

If you're ready to get your game on, you should consider this DELL Inspiron. The NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics make gameplay look smooth while keeping up the pace, and is helped by the quad-core Intel processor, which provides you with a powerful and consistent performance. Not only this, but the screen gives you high-quality and crystal-clear visuals that can tantalize the senses thanks to the IPS FHD setup that comes with anti-glare panelling, meaning that you can game from any location. If audio quality is also on your list of priorities, the dual speakers get their power from Waves MaxxAudio Pro so those finishing kills will sound as brutal as they look, and the SSD ensures that your laptop runs quickly too. In addition, there are two Wi-Fi antennas to make your connectivity both assured and fast, and the cooling system keeps the whole laptop cool even during the frenzy of the battlefield.

DELL Latitude 7480


Portable and powerful, the DELL Latitude 7480 is an all-rounder for business people who are looking for a reliable and sleek laptop that'll blow them away. The Latitude 7480 is crafted from only premium materials, making a seamless and clean exterior that's superior than most laptops on the market. Finished with woven carbon fiber4, this laptop also weighs in at a meagre 3.01lbs but still manages to have a hardware that's a powerful entity. There's so much more, though. The DELL Latitude 7480 comes preloaded with Intel® vPro™ technology, facial recognition for added security, and a 14-inch screen that also doubles up as a touchscreen. What's more, if you're after a machine that can withstand some hard knocks, the Corning® Gorilla® Glass NBT™ offers maximum protection - ideal for you clumsy lot out there. You'll find that the Latitude 7480 doesn't compromise, hitting the criteria for all professionals. Portable? Check. Aesthetically pleasing? Check. Powerful? Double check.

If you are looking for a laptop that has been tailored with all your gaming needs in mind, the DELL G3 doesn't disappoint. To start with, its incredible NVIDIA 1050 graphics card produces See all your favorite characters in crystal clarity with the HD display. See all your favorite characters in crystal clarity with the Full HD display. Couple these graphics with the 8th Gen Intel processors and incredible 17-inch display, and you're onto one impeccable gaming laptop that also benefits from a speedy SSD for faster performance. This laptop's appearance is also important: at just 25mm, the DELL G3 is slim and the thinnest laptop in the DELL G series line, making gaming on the go not an issue. Plus, showcase your personality with the chance to personalize your laptop's color options, including the favorite black and recon blue. Charge into battle with this laptop, and be dazzled by not only beautiful gameplay but a laptop that can power the most demanding of AAA gaming titles.

DELL Latitude 7480 (Black)


The DELL Latitude 7480 is 14-inches of pure class. Incredibly mobile without any compromise on power, this laptop is leading in security, manageability, reliability and excellence. Go from meeting to meeting with ease, and enjoy the magical and vibrant screen (made from a QHD and backlit screen that's layered with the ever-durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass) that's pure strength and can withstand drops and knocks. This is a sturdy and impressive laptop that's all power for seamless work and an Intel® 7th Gen processor that's silent and dream with work with. Yet, the Latitude 7480 isn't all about work - it can play hard, too. Complete with an optional touch-enabled, high res display for vibrant PowerPoints or Netflix streaming, you can comfortably gaze at your laptop lovingly for hours on end. Plus, with its all-day power, you don't have to worry about running out of juice mid-meeting or before your TV show ends.

Get your work done on time with the DELL Latitude, designed especially for the professional in mind, who is seeking a laptop that is sleek, smooth, and capable. This laptop can increase your productivity with the full-sized keyboard, which lets you type for as long as you like in comfort, which makes it an excellent choice when deadlines are approaching, and the dual pointing devices will only increase your speed. Although this laptop is also suited to casual users, its excellent communication features are designed for the office, with a HD webcam to ensure that you can see and speak to your colleagues efficiently when away. What's more, its communication features also come with Windows Hello Facial Recognition and speakers that ensure that you can discuss your workload without interruption and a richer sound. In addition, the familiar Windows software will ensure that you can dive straight into your tasks without worrying about strict learning curves.

Dell XPS 9360


Small but mighty explains the DELL XPS 9360 best. This laptop is the first (and smallest) 13-inch on the planet, gracing the world with the first InfinityEdge display. What's the InfinityEdge, you may ask. Well, it makes the XPS 9360 a virtually borderless experience, and with its incredibly thin design, this laptop is the definition of sexy, smart and state-of-the-art technology. The display has stunning UltraSharp QHD+ resolution with eye-popping detail that'll make you weep in delight. It's 400 nit brightness makes using this laptop outside also a dream. Connectivity is blissful, with its smart Killer 1535 Wireless AC adapter keeping you stable and lag-free no matter if you're working on Google Drive or playing games, and if you need to be away from a plug, you can enjoy 13 hours of battery life when streaming Netflix or browsing the web, or 22 hours of continual use if you're using Microsoft Word or Excel. Visually stunning, highly portable, and perfect for anyone who enjoys a feast for the eyes.

Feel the infinite possibilities of technology with the DELL XPS 15, whose 15.6-inch Infinity Edge, UltraSharp 4K HD display makes the perfect visual component for those looking for an impressive and stimulating display with richer and deeper colors. If you want to combine high-quality visuals with a decent processor, then look no further than the 7th generation Intel Core i5, which has the power to support all of your work software and applications. This is backed up by a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 to bring you smooth and powerful graphics. Not only this, but the 8 GB of RAM can help to drive you to success with its high speeds and memory capacity. Get the best of both worlds from your laptop with the combination of the HDD and SSD, which balances both speed and storage capacity to bring you your ideal professional laptop. Pair this with the backlit and full-sized keyboard which can help to bring you comfort in the midst of your budding career.

Size doesn't matter, and with this 12-inch business-orientated laptop, this phrase comes into play. The DELL Latitude 7280 is the thinnest and lightest laptop, while also featuring high-tech extras you may struggle to find elsewhere. Security and work features are not limited here. Made from premium materials such as soft-touch paint and an optional carbon fiber back cover, this laptop is a glorious specimen. But it's not all about looks with this one. Delve in deeper and you can experience an SSD that makes booting up and logging in easier and quicker, Gorilla Glass for added durability, Intel® vPro™ to streamline your workload better, and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology so that your laptop runs with maximum efficiency. Whether you want to get busy working and become the top employee at work or unwind and play, this laptop allows for ultimate freedom, regardless of what you have in mind. What else could you want?

Award-winning innovation meets state of the art technology with the Dell XPS 9370. Winner of the CES 2018 innovation award, this laptop not only looks stunning, it also packs a lot of incredible hardware that will make you weep from joy. The screen showcases vivid and dreamlike colors and outstanding graphics for extra clarity, ideal for a movie marathon. The touchscreen is also almost borderless, meaning you get more screen for your buck. Plus, its lightweight nature allows you to carry this little machine anywhere you wish with minimal effort. Pack up this DELL and go on an adventure! Work or play, this laptop can keep your powered and entertained with picture-perfect visuals and a processor that won't slow you down. What's more, when paired with its modernist silver and black coloring, this laptop is a futurist dream. This laptop's scorching hot design makes this DELL laptop and absolute vision.

Prepare your eyes because the DELL XPS 9360 Hybrid is all about the visuals. For a device that can be used as a tablet, screen, or laptop, this looks simply stunning whatever mode you're using. The display is border-free, while the 13-inch screen explodes with dynamic colors thanks to the UltraSharp QHD and the resolution to match. There's no problem with viewing angles either, so it's ideal for collaboration projects. The touchscreen is a pleasure, and because it's multi-touch you get to tap, pinch, and swipe your way around the world. There's a great next-gen processor to keep everyone happy, from students to professionals to those stuck at home looking after the kids. The SSD means that booting up takes just a few seconds, along with a brilliant 1TB of storage too. Connecting to peripherals is no drama either, with enough ports (including the amazing Thunderbolt™ 3 multi-use Type-C) for everything you'll ever need. The backlit keyboard is the icing on the hybrid cake.

This laptop might be compact but it's no slouch when it comes to power. This 13-inch DELL has some impressive specs, but the screen is the first thing you'll spot. The InfinityEdge display has a very small bezel, so it looks simply stunning while maximizing screen space and limiting the amount of bulk to carry. Furthermore, the DELL XPS 9360 is exceptionally small and thin, making it sophisticated and an absolute joy to look at. Sit down and indulge in the 400 nit brightness that'll make for easy viewing as well as its ultra-sharp, ultra-clear resolution so that you can watch your favorite programs in eye-popping detail and clarity. Gorgeous colors, dramatic hues and a rich viewing experience describe this laptop best. Besides its intense visuals, this DELL's MaxxAudio audio system makes your films and music sound clear and loud, while its processors boost this laptop's performance. To top it all off, you can pinch and tap the screen, enjoying a highly-receptive touchscreen.

If your gaming laptop is currently too bulky for your purposes, the DELL XPS can remedy all your difficulties with its simple and sleek design, making carrying your gear to your friend's house even easier. However, say goodbye to gaming laptops that sacrifice power for size. The DELL XPS has both, with its clear and booming audio and wonderfully stable Wi-Fi connection ensuring that your games run smoothly, allowing you to play your games afresh, like you are doing so for the first time. The addition of the NVIDIA graphics card also makes running games look effortless, the lines drawn clearly and distinctly to make playing games as involving and thrilling as they should be. However, this laptop has a twist on the larger laptops by giving you the flexibility to play as you wish, including the use of tablet mode, wherein you can play your games and applications with a few simple clicks of your fingers.

Put the amazement back into technology with the DELL XPS, perfect for all your professional and entertainment usage. With an almost borderless 4K Ultra HD touchscreen, this is a laptop which values high-quality visuals and the best of modern technology. Whilst the 4K display can provide you with the intricate graphics that can allow you to get the best from your software, the touchscreen allows you to gain the accessibility and precision needed for both design tasks and casual browsing. Its 6th generation Intel quad-core processor is combined with 16 GB of RAM to give you both a fast and powerful experience when multitasking or using challenging software. Add to this the discrete NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 M graphics and backlit keyboard, and you have a laptop designed for the challenges of daily life, allowing you to maintain a smooth and accessible experience no matter the time of day or night.


If you are looking for a laptop that is budget-friendly, whilst being designed for a variety of needs, Dell’s starter laptops should be your first port of call. Whether you’re seeking a family laptop for general use by parents and children, a business laptop fit for the corporate world or a powerful gaming laptop, Dell ticks all the right boxes. The Dell Inspiron range is ideal for home and home office use, incorporating the latest generation of processors, ample ports and connection options and all of the essential functionality and software for everyday computing. Dell’s Inspiron Chromebook is also a budget-friendly option if all you’re worried about is swift, dependable access to the internet.

2-in-1 Dell laptops

2-in-1 touchscreen and convertible Dell laptops are becoming incredibly popular with families and businesses alike. The chance to own a multi-purpose laptop-turned-tablet allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 series are available with 15” and 17” touchscreens with vibrant displays, DVD drives and unrivalled portability to allow you to take your laptop with you, wherever you go. It’s the ideal laptop solution for both work and play.

Dell XPS laptops for premium performance

Of course, if you require nothing but the best from your new Dell laptop, the sensible option would be to consider the Dell XPS range. These laptops boast exceptional build quality, unique aesthetics and functionality and the highest resolution displays. For example, the newer XPS feature a Quad HD+ touchscreen display that offers five times the resolution of a standard HD screen. Better still, all Dell XPS laptops are sold with one-year Premium Support and On-site Service for complete peace of mind.

Hand-pick the right Dell laptop for you

At Choosist, we specialise in being able to recommend a Dell laptop that meets your specific everyday usage requirements. If you are looking for a Dell laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here. With laptops built for transportability and basic browsing through to those needed for studying, work or even high-powered computer gaming. Simply let us know what you want your new Dell laptop to do for you and we’ll display you the best available price for the laptop that fits your needs. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect Dell laptop for you and your family.