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High-performing, stylish gaming laptops at user-friendly prices? Say hello to MSI. A firm favourite with their loyal users, MSI laptops really stand out in their two sectors – gaming and workstations - for many. In fact, their WS range is the go-to product for those looking for a rugged and resilient laptop for intensive work use. As a brand, it also genuinely engages with the gaming community. MSI is a sponsor for a number of eSports teams and a host for the international gaming event MSI Masters Gaming Arena.

Although the company faces very stiff competition in the two niches it covers - premium gaming laptops and mobile workstations – it stands out for its uncompromising approach to design, quality, and performance.MSI’s black-and-red colour scheme highlights the simplicity of design. MSI laptops are slim and elegant, and while their main focus is on gaming rigs, the company also harnesses the power from those machines for their workstations.

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Built around an uncompromising need for performance, the MSI GL63 is the perfect gaming laptop for life on-the-go. Whether it's intense battlefield action or demanding workflows, the MSI GL63 will exceed all your power requirements thanks to an efficient 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 six-core processor and 8GB of DDR4 RAM. Led by a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics chipset, you can enjoy fast, supersmooth visuals and dazzling visual quality upon the 15.6-inch FHD display. Elsewhere, you're sure to appreciate the giant speakers and exclusive audio module design for a sensational sound experience. Whether it's additional monitors, headphones or mice, the GL63 allows you to customize your entertainment and multimedia space with an HDMI port, Mini DisplayPort and 3 USB 3.1 ports. Designed specifically with gamers in mind, the outstanding Cooler Boost temperature control solution allows you to maintain peak performance for extended periods of time. When it comes to storage, the 1TB hard drive and 128GB SSD provide plenty of space for all your videos, programs and extensions.

Do you want to revolutionize the way you game? The MSI Leopard can help you to do just that, with its riveting features including 1060 graphics and an i7 processor that is sure to keep you glued to the screen. With dazzling high quality graphics that can make any game look almost life like, you can enjoy the most demanding of gaming titles without much hassle. If your gaming sessions often go into the night, then the MSI's backlit keyboard will mean that you never notice, with the perfect conditions to play day and night. Demanding games can often take a lot out of your laptop, but this is not the case with the MSI, whose Cooler Boost Technology ensures that both you and your laptop stay cool in the heat of battle, and lessens the damage to your laptop in the long run. This laptop is designed for gamers to battle to the death.

The MSI Raider is an amazing laptop which can meet all your gaming needs, with a personalized experience. For example, if you ever struggle to find the right keys in the middle of an important battle, color control and illumination features can ensure your most-used keys stand out on your keyboard and are easy to reach in the middle of the night, or in a gaming emergency. It doesn't stop there. Along with personalized aspects, the MSI Raider comes with an extremely powerful i7 processor and dazzling GTX 1070 graphics cards to suit the ever-changing world of gaming. The 1920 x 1080 graphics and crystal-clear resolution give you the opportunity to see and play the games the only way that they are meant to be played. Expect boosted gameplay and wonderful performance, along with all the features you would expect from a dependable laptop. This model won't let you down.

Whether your gaming experience is set to take place on the battlefield, the football pitch or behind the wheel, the MSI Gaming GE63 Raider is the laptop that will transport you there. The high-performance 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 hexa-core processor with 16GB of RAM allows for smooth gameplay and fast rendering. Not only is this system capable of delivering dynamic mobile power when you need it, but the range of energy modes allows you to prioritize battery efficiency when you don't. A 1TB hard drive and 256GB SSD provide a superb blend of storage space and speed to satisfy your needs. The 15.6-inch LED-backlit display is able to produce an extraordinary 120 picture frames per second and features full HD resolution. Thanks to 94% NTSC Colour Gamut calibration and MSI True Colour Technology, the laptop delivers impressive clarity and vibrant visuals. The emphatic Dynaudio sound system and exclusive audio module design allow for wonderful sound sensations that add to the immersive effects. With the MSI Gaming GE63 Raider, nothing stands in your way.

If you want to balance size with power, the MSI GS65 is the gaming laptop you have been waiting for. Its 15.6 inch Full HD and backlit screen can give you crystal clear and precise visuals to meet your gaming needs, allowing you to immerse yourself within your game. Alongside this, the 8th generation Intel Core i7 is a powerful processor that can drive you to victory, with the support to enable you to run large and demanding software. Add to this 16 GB of RAM and an SSD and you have the fast performance needed to play all of your games smoothly. These features are combined with the on-board Intel UHD graphics 630 and discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 to bring you a smooth and thrilling experience that can get the best out of your games and software and help you to play at the best of your ability.


Budget options

Maybe, you just need a laptop that will let you write a few documents, send some emails and stream a film or two. In that case, you'll want to browse the P Series notebooks that offer solid specs in a grey brushed aluminium chassis that looks good in an office or at home. They could be described as a budget gaming rig in a conservative business laptop's clothing.

For gamers

The MSI Titan and Dominator GT series are crammed full of high-powered components, including Intel Core i7 processors, Nvidia GeForce graphics, and 4K displays with

Nvidia G-Sync technology and other. Keep in mind that all these specs don’t come cheap but if you want all the bells and whistles for your desk-based laptop, these are the models for you.

In previous times, consumers had to choose between power and portability when choosing a gaming laptop. Not so with MSI's GS Series notebooks, which are so slim, you could mistake them for more modest systems. MSI packs some powerful components into the sleek aluminium chassis, making Stealth notebooks some of the most powerful portable gaming systems on the market.

MSI also offers laptops that come comes with an Intel Core i5 processor and that even give you the plug-in option of experiencing VR (for example, if you have an Oculus Rift), thanks to Oculus' Asynchronous Space Warp technology.

For professionals on the move or in the office

MSI also manufactures outstanding workstations. Instead of Nvidia GeForce graphics and Intel Core processors, these systems use Nvidia Quadro GPUs and Intel Xeon CPUs, which are perfect for AutoCAD, programming and designing. These workstation gaming laptops are one of the first workstations to support VR headsets. Some even have the ability to output tremendous amounts of power due to the Quadro M5500 GPU and Core i7 CPU that are integrated with the laptop. They also have a 4K pixel-perfect display, so you can see every small detail as you're creating digital masterpieces - ideal for chewing your way through CAD or other power-hungry tasks. As the workstation counterpart to the GS line of notebooks, the WS Series is a good option as a thin-and-light mobile workstation, designed to let you create on the go.

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At Choosist, we’ll make it our mission to find you an MSI laptop which meets your specific needs. If you are looking for an MSI laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here, whether for heavy-duty professional work or for high-powered gaming. Just filter your spec requirements and we’ll display you the best available price. It really is that simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, let Choosist source the perfect MSI machine for you.