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Discover the latest laptops from Lenovo today.

Considered one of the world’s best-known laptop brands, Lenovo boasts a number of fantastic product lines, including the ThinkPad, the IdeaPad, the Yoga, and the Legion. Product types range from budget to premium and from traditional clamshell laptops to 2-in-1s. Having acquired IBM's personal computer business in 2005, Lenovo has only thrived and grown since. It also honours its philosophy that “Different is Better” through continuous innovation.

Lenovo has a well-deserved reputation as the king of productivity. With their focus on longer usage and accessible usability, Lenovo's laptops are renowned for their high-quality keyboards, solid build, and long battery life. They offer great value in every major category, from low-cost laptops in the IdeaPad range to Lenovo’s premium 2-in-1, to the gaming-oriented Lenovo Legion range. As mentioned before Lenovo is always innovating – it’s often among the first to offer new technology, as it did with some of the laptops in the ThinkPad range, which have up to 11 hours of battery life and charges super-fast.

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Reliable performance meets ultralight mobility in the form of the Lenovo N42. From the classroom to the library and back home, the optimum portability begins with the lightweight frame that weighs a mere 1.5kg. The water-resistant keyboard, reinforcements around the ports and hinges, anti-stick keys and seal touchpad provide top-notch durability against the daily wear and tear. When it comes to power, the system is driven by a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM, meaning this Chromebook is ready to tackle your essential applications and regular tasks. Equipped with Chrome OS, the device allows for a unique combination of productivity and versatility. It's perfect for creating, sharing and collaborating with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, while you can also stay synced across all your devices. Between browsing the web, managing deadlines and streaming online videos, the 14-inch display supports HD resolution for sharp visual quality throughout. Power through the day with the Lenovo N42.

From top to bottom, the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 was designed to simplify your life. Driven by a 3.0GHz A9-9420 dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM, the IdeaPad can comfortably handle day-to-day tasks such as browsing the web, scrolling through social media and taking notes in class. In addition to this reliable power and responsiveness, the simple Windows 10 software comes pre-installed with a handful of new features and easy-to-use interface. The 1TB hard drive provides an ample amount of storage for all your photos, videos, music, documents and other digital files. Elsewhere, the 15.6-inch display ensures HD resolution and anti-glare technology so you can enjoy crisp visual quality during any kind of media playback. Coming with a shiny grey finish, a protective coating and added rubber detailing guard the unibody from regular wear and tear, while 5 hours of battery charge means you don't have to constantly carry around a charger.

This Lenovo Celeron can help to boost your performance in the classroom, maximizing your potential. Its state of the art touchscreen allows you to have all of your documents in front of you in a couple of moments, helping you to get the precision necessary. This touchscreen can also be excellent for reading documents and note taking, as this laptop can easily be converted into 4 different and equally useful modes for every purpose, from watching a movie in your break to finding those elusive sources. The addition of the pen is excellent for design and creative students who want to instantly upload all of their work into a digital mode that is great for editing and drafting. If you're dreading a group project, the dual facing cameras ensures that you can collaborate easily - no matter if you agree with the other group member's opinions. Beautiful, practical, innovative - this is a laptop of dreams.

All of the features and innovative design, that's what we like to hear. In summary, this IdeaPad is absolutely dreamy. It's dependable, portable, beautiful, and has enough power to get through the day with ease. Whether you want to browse the web, watch a film or do a PowerPoint for work, the IdeaPad 110 can deliver the basics and more. Lightning-fast web browsing and a powerful processor complete this laptop, with an Intel processor and integrated graphics that's ideal for streaming and playing. Plus, with its impressive 15.6-inch screen and all its HD qualities, indulge in visuals and a world of vibrancy and clarity. There's also an impressive 1TB of storage to complement the high level of connectivity, making this a flexible IdeaPad that delivers in every category. Impressively powerful without a loss of portability, this is a dream machine that is robust and iconic. You won't want to look anywhere else.

If you are looking for a laptop to impress, the Lenovo ThinkPad E580 will do just that, with its unique narrow bezel design and sleek appearance ensuring that you'll stand center stage. The device is fitted with durability safeguards to ensure that your laptop can look professional and withstand scratches for many years to come, perfect for those who are clumsy. The essence of this ThinkPad, though, is how it is designed to maximize productivity; with 13 hours of battery life, you can work uninterrupted. Essential and incredible power, a slew of savvy security features, sleek and professional design and unbelievable connectivity make this laptop a great choice for business people. Thin, light, and built for those who are constantly on the go, while also offering durability that is made to last. Go ahead and enjoy this ThinkPad laptop that was made with security, beauty, creativity, and portability in mind.

Unleash your media with this powerful leviathan of an IdeaPad. Designed with entertainment in mind, this is ideal for those that are looking for something spectacular to watch films on, play music, explore new games, or even Skype on. It comes with sounds and visuals that offer in-depth and rich imagery as well as immersive and clear audio that's ideal for quality entertainment such as Netflix or Spotify. The Dolby speakers are exceptionally high-quality, while the glossy 15.6" HD screen will ensure that you miss none of the action on the latest blockbuster films and can become engrossed in the storyline. But wait, there's so much more. Storage isn't a problem either, and there's plenty of space on the 1TB HDD to store an amazing amount of files, images, and albums. The 4-in-2 card reader can add even more storage if you exhaust what's already there. With 12 GB of RAM and visuals that are a sight to behold, this laptop is a winner.

Level up your digital life with the Lenovo ThinkPad E580, which combines new technology with professional practicality. Its features, such as the Dolby Advance audio, 15.6 inch IPS FHD display and AMD Radeon discrete graphics are tantalizing to the senses, ensuring that you have a fully immersive experience. The Lenovo ThinkPad also has a dual-array microphone and HD webcam which can give you an advanced look at communication, so that you can stay in contact with the office from any location. Additionally, we know the importance of security when running a business, and that is why we recommend features such as the Lenovo ThinkPad E580's optional Touch Type fingerprint reader, which ensures that only you can access all of your important details and documents. Not only this, but with over 13 hours of battery life, the ThinkPad is a laptop you can rely on to be there when you need it.



Lenovo's 2-in-1 Chromebooks is strong and simple enough for the demands of school or university note-taking and storage. Their reliability and low price make it a highly attractive option for parents and educators. These 2-in-1 Chromebooks, pack a pretty powerful punch for a small budget laptop. For a very reasonable price you get over 9 hours of battery life and a pretty good processor, all packed into a sleek body. They also offer very good performance for a budget laptop, as well as an enjoyable typing experience for everyday workloads.


The Lenovo IdeaPad series offers everyday laptops for first-time users. There’s an IdeaPad for everyone. Embracing form, function, style, and fun, each IdeaPad delivers a responsive performance you can rely on. The Lenovo IdeaPad range proves you don't need to spend a fortune on a premium laptop which doesn't cut corners on performance. You can pick up a mid-range machine for a very reasonable price and the highlight is their compact aluminium design, making it a good option for anyone who doesn't want to break the bank for a premium laptop, but to feel as if they have!

The most recent 2-in-1 laptops certainly live up to the industry hype. Their user-friendly design has a built-in slot for the accompanying stylus pen and a webcam cover for added privacy. If you factor in long battery life and a classy design, these laptops are undoubtedly one of the best 2-in-1 laptops on the market for its price.

The Legion range is also a very good option for casual gamers who want a laptop that can impress at a highly competitive price.


Though built for business, products in the high-end ThinkPad range are an excellent choice for anyone who needs to be mobile and productive. They are extremely light, boast a long battery charge and have an outstanding keyboard. These ultrabooks also sell themselves on a powerful CPU and speedy Solid State Disk.

The Lenovo ThinkPad range offers a well-built and secure 2-in-1 business hybrid that's also powerful, excellent for productivity and doers. It features two great webcams and some powerful specs under the bonnet. All in all, a buy which guarantees reliability and performance.

At Choosist, we take very seriously the task of finding a Lenovo laptop which meets your specific needs. If you are looking for a Lenovo laptop, you’ll find a comprehensive range here, whether for light and general use, heavy-duty professional work or for high-powered gaming. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll find the best model and price. Simple! Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, Choosist is happy to find the perfect Lenovo machine for you.