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This HP Chromebook is the Notebook all students have been looking for, with its excellent capacity for essay-writing, note-taking and conducting research through its easily accessible interface and quick start-up process. While you may be concerned to take your laptop into the classroom, this laptop has almost indestructible rubber edges that prevent it from being eaten by the dog - like your homework. Give your learning a 21st-century update with the Chromebook's touchscreen, providing you with an interactive way to learn with resources at a simple click of the finger. This also gives you access to the Chromebook's web-enabled apps which can boost your learning in a fun and enjoyable way. Parents - if you are worried about your kid's computer use, the Chromebook is pure simplicity, enabling students to access the web quickly and efficiently while having enough power to create a reliable work station, but without added distractions.

Students, office workers, and casual browsers will fall in love with this cute little powerhouse. However, don't be fooled by the cuteness. This HP Chromebook's design and specs shows that it can cope with demand while looking fantastic. The Intel® Celeron® processor 2 means that you get a fast laptop that won't struggle to multi-task, and your battery life will last, too. For those that get a lot of use from video chats, there are some high-quality visuals involved here, and for Google Hangouts or Skype, there's plenty of viewing angle. What's more, the lovely bonus of noise suppression software means that you get little in the way or background noise. The Intel® HD Audio delivers sound quality that's clear and free from distortion, and the visual from its HD screen are lively and perfectly animated. For low-demand tasks like Facebook or Twitter scrolling you'll get maximum speed, and for more labor-intensive jobs it's not going to struggle either. It's a tank that hides its power in design.

If you need a simple and no-fuss laptop to take you through everyday tasks and duties of school, the HP Chromebook 11 Education Edition has you covered. Its reliable capacity stems from the Intel dual-core processor and efficient DDR3L memory for seamless multitasking and bouncing between apps. Driven by Intel HD Graphics, the 11.6-inch display has a resolution of 1366x768 for crisp and clear visuals while browsing the web, composing assignments and streaming media. The outstanding battery life lasts up to 12 hours and 30 minutes, meaning you can take notes, watch videos and chat with friends through a full day on campus without having to worry about charging. The Chromebook builds upon this portability with a thin and lightweight frame that's easy to carry around. On top of that, the co-moulded rubber edges and spill-resistant keyboard make this a tough and dependable choice. Designed for speed, simplicity and security, the Chrome Operating is an easy-to-use interface with automatic updates and robust virus protection.

Students and teachers will get a lot of enjoyment and work from this little monster. Complete with rubber edges and corners, this laptop is perfectly durable, able to cope with drops, bangs, and bumps. The specs are high quality: video streaming, loading software, or playing with apps, the processor is more than up for the task. What's more, the 360° Wi-Fi antenna makes it simple to find a signal and get online with ease, and the two USB 3.1 Gen 1 and HDMI ports make connecting to peripherals a breeze. ICEpower® technology manages the audio, and the result is some bassy sounds that are incredibly impressive. The 11-hours of battery life means that you'll be able to walk into your first class of the day knowing that it's got the power to see you through to the final bell. Versatile and powerful, this is a student's dream machine. Perfect for all users.

Do you and your laptop work in tough conditions? The ASUS Chromebook has been designed to withstand the rigors of daily life, having passed numerous tests with its military graded design, ensuring that it will survive field trips and student life. However, even though this is a laptop designed to last, it is also slim and simple, with its convertible nature meaning that its uses are flexible at all times. Its anti-glare screen properties also make it simple to share your work wherever you are, even in bright sunlight or outside. This does not mean that its resolution is sacrificed, with the screen a modest 1366 x 768 pixels that is sure to dazzle you with crystal clear detail. Watch your shows in beautiful colors. The optional pen is perfect for those who love to design, giving you the opportunity to produce Van-Gogh worthy masterpieces as easily as using a notebook.

Reliable performance meets ultralight mobility in the form of the Lenovo N42. From the classroom to the library and back home, the optimum portability begins with the lightweight frame that weighs a mere 1.5kg. The water-resistant keyboard, reinforcements around the ports and hinges, anti-stick keys and seal touchpad provide top-notch durability against the daily wear and tear. When it comes to power, the system is driven by a 1.6GHz Intel Celeron dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM, meaning this Chromebook is ready to tackle your essential applications and regular tasks. Equipped with Chrome OS, the device allows for a unique combination of productivity and versatility. It's perfect for creating, sharing and collaborating with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, while you can also stay synced across all your devices. Between browsing the web, managing deadlines and streaming online videos, the 14-inch display supports HD resolution for sharp visual quality throughout. Power through the day with the Lenovo N42.

Professionals who work online will love nothing more than an Acer Chromebook. Notorious for their high performance and impressive durability, this Chromebook is a wonder to look at and use. Sleek corners and a beautiful white coloring make this laptop ultra-modern. Ideal for students and professionals alike, this is the perfect companion for those who do a lot of web browsing, streaming content, or video calling their friends. The Acer has an Intel Celeron N3060 dual-core processor which can easily handle any online application and allows speedy surfing of the internet. You also get a compact 11.6 inch HD display that'll make viewing your content a breeze and joy. Plus, because you don't have a heavy operating system in the background, you also get a long battery life with up to 10 hours of use from a single charge. The Acer Chromebook 11 CB3 is just what you need if you like to spend time in Cyberspace.

The Acer Chromebook 14 is a solid powerhouse of a Chromebook, complete with a very minimalist look that has an air of sophistication. Plus, with its 12 hors of battery life, you'll remain energized throughout the entire work day. Don't be fooled by its slim and elegant appearance, though. This Chromebook is an absolute tank when it comes to knocks and drops, with the Corning® Gorilla® Glass only adding to the durability. It's fast too, with the Intel processor making multitasking seamless and without lag, while the addition of a USB C port will make data transfer incredibly swift. The 14-inch screen is made possible by the incredibly thin bezel, meaning that your eyes will happily feast on the full HD2 display. Professionals will live the wide angle HD webcam that means you can fit more people into the shot when video conferencing, while students will appreciate the dual-array digital microphones that can let you chat with family or friends without the distraction of background noise. Sleek, fast, and massively portable, this is a Chromebook on a mission.

HP Chromebook 14 (White)


If you are looking for a laptop that can last you all day without a recharge, you should consider this impressive HP Chromebook. With the sleek white design, this laptop has been designed for productivity. Whether you are looking for a laptop for work, entertainment or studying, this is an easy-to-use and accessible design with an easy connection to the Google Play store that allows you to download all the web-based apps that you need to succeed. What's more, the lengthy battery life means that you can work from morning until night without worrying about charging ports, excellent for busy student and professional lives. The B&O PLAY audio system will also be able to bring your entertainment to life, delivering clarity no matter how loud you're listening. The HD display means you'll be getting striking visuals too, seeing your films in the high-definition they were made to be watched in.

If you're looking for a resilient go-to laptop that will survive the wear and tear of student life, the Acer Chromeback 11 N7 has your name on it. This tough Chromebook boasts military-grade protection with an impact-resistant frame that can easily absorb accidental knocks and hard falls. The innovative drainage design of the keyboard protects important internal components from any spillage, whereas the outstanding battery life lasts up to 13 hours, which is more than enough to take you through the entire day and then some. Beyond the physical mistreatment it's able to handle, the protection also applies to the software. The popular Chrome Operating system means that the laptop comes with built-in virus protection, automatic updates and hassle-free backups to allow you peace of mind that you're covered at all times. The natural tones and image quality allow for immersive chats when you want to catch up with family or friends, making it the perfect tool for any student from primary school to university.

In need of an adaptable tool to manage the school day? The HP Chromebook 11 G6 Education Edition is calling your name. This slender notebook is capable of handling all the essential programs and applications of the modern classroom with its 1.1GHz Intel Celeron dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM. With co-moulded rubber and reinforced corners, this Chromebook is ready to withstand the inevitable bumps and bruises of life on campus. The outstanding 10-hour battery life ensures that you're able to take this productivity on-the-go for extended periods of time. Being a student isn't easy, so the Chrome OS simplifies your life with an easy-to-use interface and low maintenance system, while you can also access an endless amount of web-based apps from the Google Chrome Web Store. Not only is the 11.6-inch HD display perfect for all your viewing and streaming needs, but alongside the exceptional audio quality and 180º hinge design, you can keep collaboration and communication alive with crystal clear video calls.

A Chromebook laptop that doubles as a tablet, this is one impressive piece of tech you won't to miss out on. From the classroom to the office, this is a laptop that's been designed with collaboration in mind. The 360-degree hinge makes it easy to view the amazing HD touchscreen from any angle, so you can enjoy its wonderful visuals from all angles. No matter how many people on your team, it's simply a matter of laying it flat and crowding around. There's more to this laptop, though. It also doubles up as an impressive and super sleek touchscreen - making it an intuitive multi-touch machine. Connectivity has clearly been a priority too, and there are plenty of ports so that you won't be limited on peripherals. Built-in virus protection will keep you safer online, and the HD camera will make video calls look almost as good as real life. Whether you're kicking back and relaxing while watching films in tent mode, or frantically racing to meet a deadline, this 2-in-1 Chromebook will do the hard work for you.

Frequent travelers, students, or casual internet surfers are going to fall head over heels when it comes to the beautifully competent Samsung Chromebook 3. 11.6-inches of pure bliss, the Chromebook 3 offers glorious graphics and impeccable clarity, with hard-working hardware that'll make tasks a breeze to do and complete. Serious battery life means you can take this little beauty wherever, whenever, and the LED backlight ensure late night scrolling doesn't have to suffer. There's more to discuss, though, with a resilient keyboard that's spill-resistant, a useful webcam and speakers for optimal Skype calls and video chatting, and a Chrome OS so that you can easily connect to your Google account and get straight to work. All in all, you get stunning visuals, attractive colors and clean lines, portability and a reliable Chromebook that makes work or play and absolute dream. Ideal for students, school or work with a light workload.

Designed for student but perfect for professionals, this is a tough laptop indeed. The optional touchscreen can be useful if you select this option, with its multitouch display that makes app management much easier. Even if you skip over the touchscreen, you're still left with a good sized screen that's in HD and comes with a cool backlight. With portability in mind, it's no wonder that this laptop is light and slim, but that doesn't have a negative effect on either power or durability. This is one tough laptop, but it's powered by some Intel® processors and great onboard Intel® HD Graphics so it's got the power to keep you going through work or play. The perfect finishing touch is the Intel® HD Audio which will make your Spotify sound flawless or your YouTube videos sound as crisp as imaginable. Whether it's for getting down to your homework, starting a new online lesson plan, or kicking back with Reddit, this laptop will do the job and do it well.